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    Hello guys,

    I would like to say about note because same plugins don't support yet on Metro Apps :(

    Flash Player
    Silver Light Player ( Microsoft Silverlight )
    Real Player
    Media Player
  2. Okay thanks for reply!

    I will build a nice Application for Installation and Mainpage:

    .../pageControl.js <- Check configure fle while file config.php did not...
  3. Why aee you asking me again? I am using new version of Extjs 4.0.7 Why do you not know? Same bug or worng coding of comboBox and SelectBox :( I will buil with custom Language Panel like Mac OS X...
  4. Hello all,

    Solution 1: For LanguageChooser
    i have problem with ComboBox in the Panel or ViewPoint.

    If i add ComboBox in the Panel or ViewPoint than it happens with ComboBox can not show while...
  5. News: I should to add new part of Extjs Frameworks:

    Note: This initalization of Zinc Application should work on Extjs


    I will add like...
  6. Hello
    dear peoples.

    Yeah it is news for MDM Zinc 4.0

    It can work with Exjs Frameworks. That is a nice HTML Projector xD.

    Yeah MDM Zinc has been won again Adobe Air xD

    Look at my picture...
  7. Hello guys,

    i know possible cause you want to build localization-used applications? Is it right?

    I know a nice trick like you were been using Javascript <-> PHP

    example for Id and name
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    Ah liebe Deutsche,

    gute Idee, aber es leider verpasst. Können wir irgendwann feste Veranstaltung machen :) Hmm?

    Wenn Sie uns veranstalten wollen, dann können wir sicher in Nürnberg, Freiburg...
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    Can Extjs support for Yahoo Widget 4.5? Is it possible? Look at and Opera Widget, too ? Look at: Browser has widget manager :) ?

    Thanks reply!
  10. Hello dear people.

    i am developing for nice sample application for your example page.

    I know about because i do not like this development - but i know becasue Qooxdoo has nice...
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    Hello guys,

    i have been tried. It does not work under Ubuntu 11.04:

    /var/www/helloext$ sudo /var/www/helloext/extjs/jsbuilder/ create jsb -a index.html -p...
  12. Hey guys,

    why doy ou want to use better alternative IDE Application?
    Do you like Ext Designer 1.2?

    Can we develop together about alternative IDE Application like Javascript Framework Used IDE...
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    OK =( I am still waiting for next solution with Adobe Air and MioFactory :)

  14. Hello Guys,

    i have been built simple "Hello Ext" with Adobe Air.
    I am using with Extjs 4.0.2 Frameworks and Adobe Air 3.0 Beta X.

    All Browsers: It is working = 100 %
    On Adobe...
  15. Hello guys,

    good idea for Php Include. But i will know with Extjs 4.x?

    Thanks for reply!

    PS: I ask you because i have a lot of problem with Apache under Windows 7 x64 :(
    I can not use with...
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    Hello guys,

    i would build a good simple web based operating system like ExtTop.

    I have been built this
    Where is ExtJS Directory?

    I have been create directory structure :
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    Yeah you are rights...

    I find you say becasue qooxdoo isn't nice. I know because Extjs is better than Qooxdoo :)

    Okay.. i will learn with Extjs :) Thanks for solution!

    Regards, SnakeMedia
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    Great Job, but i see different like Qooxdoo and Extjs :)

    Need part of locale java script files like:
    lang_de is German's Version
    lang_en is English's Version
  19. Hello guys,

    i have been tired your example of Account Manager. I have been tested Step 1 and Step 2 and Step 1 and Spet 2 are working for me good....
  20. Hello,

    I know there. But that is default framework like "Hello Ext".

    Now framework has been forgotten context menu when you do not allow with right click . See like this Example...
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    Thanks for updated version ^^! I like this. Did you code with Preview like HTML Design or Source ? WTF You are faster than my question ^^ :P

    Thanks :) Keep...
  22. Hello guys,

    I find Frameworks Extjs 4.02a very better than Qooxdoo 1.5 :).

    Different Extjs vs. Qooxdoo
    Part of Javascript:
    Extjs = YES = Easy = I LOVE YOU!
    Qooxdoo = NO, But it is using...
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    Hello @qulys,

    good work and keep your development for nice application ^^!

    1. Question: Can you update with preview?
    I give a nice suggestion for preview per html site and support with...
  24. Hey @Mizzory,

    but i do not understand because i have tried tutorial for Aptana and Extjs with Air. Any user are happy.. But why does air not for me?? WTF??

    Please tell me currect code for...
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    Hello @Dumbledore

    I know problem with Adobe Air Debug Launcher. Like Under Linux was sloved that problem with Java Runtime - Target-path.

    Look at: Like on Mac OS X, too:...
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