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  1. Hi,
    I have a GridPanel with a store and an restful API.
    The API produces "application/xml" and this works fine with the store/model.
    It read the xml data and maps the attributes of the elements to...
  2. hmm ok,
    i solved this no in the way that i add new text nodes to the tree and the rest of the data will be coverd by the other stores.. not the solution i expected but it works...
  3. Hi,
    i'm trying do display the data from 2 associated stores in a tree panel. But the problem is that the items from the second store aren't displayed. Here are the relevant code snippets

    The main...
  4. hey,
    thanks, just got the component query wrong like you said.
  5. Hello,
    I've set up a new application with the MVC pattern and want to listen to the events of the dockedItems of window A, but in don't know how to resolve the correct references to the item in the...
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