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    I see. I should change the way I build settings for my app.

    Thank you for replies,

    Have a nice day.
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    But the file retrieved from the server (the setting JS) is not static. It is dynamic and has settings of the application. The client may change the settings at any time on the admin panel.

    If I...
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    Hello all,

    I have a issue with Sencha Cmd.

    In my app, I first load the framework, then I generate settings in JS format on server, and then my app launches with the settings retrieved from the...
  4. It was fixed when I changed my picker like this:

    picker: {
    yearFrom: parseInt(Ext.Date.format(new Date(), 'Y')),
    yearTo: parseInt(Ext.Date.format(Ext.Date.add(new Date(),...
  5. Hello,

    I have datepickers on my app:

    xtype: 'datepickerfield',
    name: 'returndate',
    label: _e('flightReturnDate'),
  6. REQUIRED INFORMATIONArchitect Build tested:

    Build: 442
    Project Type:

    ExtJS 4.x

    Long names in Project Inspector list are highlighted brokenly.
    Steps to reproduce the...
  7. I have just tested what gains focus when the editor loses: nothing. Nothing is focused. No key works on the application except for "Alt" to focus on the menu.

    While writing, it interrupts my...
  8. Thank you for your answer. I wrapped my code inside the callback function for now due to time issues; in the next one, I will try the methods you recommended...
  9. I have exactly the same problem. Text editor loses focus.

    When I run the Architect for the first time after a while, lets say in the beginning of the day, the editor works well. I can type code...
  10. Hello all,

    Is it possible to make use of associations without making a new call to server? When I try to record.getBelongsToModelName(), i need to run a callback to get the data returned and use...
  11. @Sottilde, can you please confirm that you dont have any cross-associations between your models? Example:

    Model1 belongsTo Model2
    Model2 hasMany Model1

    If you have such a scheme, can you try...
  12. I think I found what was wrong.
    On my hasMany associations of my models, I had "autoload" true. Removed it and loop is gone. (i had cross-references between my models, I think this is why Extjs...
  13. just compared my backup"s model files and the model files produced by build 439.

    Build 439 produces model files with "requires" config, which was not possible and could not be done before this...
  14. Hello all,

    Just a moment ago, I have updated my Sencha Architect to the build 439. My app used to work pretty well just before the update. After the update, I deployed the app with a very minor...
  15. You can use the "launch" function to define globals. This is how I do:

    launch: function() { = {
    HOME_CARD: 0,
    TOURS_CARD: 1,
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    And is there any alternative method for "requires" that we can use during development? Because we have to add "requires" definition everytime we deploy.
  17. I also want to provide my clients a native app, besides mobile web. I wonder if you have an already-thought way update a native app?

    My app is not finished yet; but here is what I plan to do for...
  18. This seems like an unnecessary removal of an event listener, doesnt it? I activate the tap event like this:

    xtype: 'titlebar',
    id: 'campaignTitleId',
    title: 'Kampanyalar',
    items: [
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    Hello all,

    Great update with Architect! Lovely design, functional flow... Now, many people here have undergoing projects; and I have a suggestion:

    Is it difficult to provide an import function...
  20. But then, I will need to create another model and store for rooms and fetch the rooms from the server with a second request, right?

    Eventually, this is the method I will try...

    Thanks for your...
  21. Here is my model:

    Ext.define('App.model.Hotel', {
    extend: '',
    //requires: 'Twitter.proxy.Twitter',

    config: {
  22. Hello,

    I have searched for everywhere and tried several things, but still couldnt find an answer.

    I have a store, with json:

    "hotels": [
  23. Thank you!

    Hearing this made me feel more comfortable with my current structure.

    By the way, just tested your suggestion about device profiling. Managed it like this:

  24. Thank you for your answer(s) -also for the tons of previous replies in other questions.

    Can you also suggest some for my other relatively small question? Is having single controller a bad practice?
  25. Hello,

    This is my first question in the forum although I have been around here reading the questions and answers for a while.

    I have constructed my app without profiles, it was a mistake. Now,...
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