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    We are planning a large mcv sencha touch 2 app but need some advice on dynamic loading of models,stores and views.

    Our app may have more than 100 views, stores and models consisting of lists,forms...
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    I need a grid to display >5000 rows WITH grouping. Buffered views handle the >5000 rows but they seem to fail to group correctly. Is this possible at all?

    To test this i just added...
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    we are also concerned about ext grid performance. Our fallback is slickgrids, but would prefer ext, if they perform as good as slickgrids. However we have not tried 4.0.2 as yet. It would also be...
  4. layout: 'fit'
  5. Hi,

    How can i change the row class based on some record data:

    Sudo Example:

    if (record.get('status') = 'Completed')
    row.addClass = 'greenBackground';
  6. Hi,

    I have added a text input to a listview itemTpl.

    How do I get the user input from that textfield and save to record store?

    The code below works when the user taps the button, but how...
  7. Hi,

    How would I design an ipad touch form that has a some basic form items but then has many items that need to be attached to the main form. see attached form for example:

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    thanks happysokki, that worked.
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    I have a native app that i want to convert over to sencha touch. It has a custom list view with some buttons and inputs, see image below for example:


    Here's how is works:
  10. same issue. can anyone help?
  11. i have the same issue. do you resolve? has anyone got any tips to get this working?
  12. het brentd, i having the same issues, did you get yours to work?
  13. thanks for posting your findings swaitch, it saved me alot of time!
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    Ext grouping grids are great but they seem to slow up when you get large volumns, eg > 1000 rows with > 10 columns.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this or use any tricks to view large data...
  15. Same problem. Seems this issue has been around since 2008!!!!!! Can anyone help??????
  16. i got the same problem. I have not found a solution yet. You guys have any luck?
  17. Yes i have.
  18. Hi,

    I can't find a solution to this problem. Searched forum and web.

    Q: how do i set the default value for a combo when the store has ['id','state']?

  19. I would like this aswell. Did you find a solution brookd?
  20. Thanks for the hint Condor. I found this blog post that may be what im looking for (not at work atm, so can't test it), but is this what you mean? Do you of any other documentation/examples that...
  21. Hi,

    Using: Ext 3.2.1

    I have a grid combo editor that load remote JSON data. All works fine except after selection of combo is displays the id field.

    1. Combo loads fine...
  22. Perfect! Thanks Condor.
  23. Hi,

    I need to get form values in json obj. The form is raw html form. Can ext get json?


  24. I'm interested in this as well, how would you structure your ext application if forms,grids and tab panels where all unknown at the time of page load and there could potentially be 100's of them? ...
  25. im interested in getting this to work with paging toolbar aswell. any ideas?

    great plugin btw.
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