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  1. Nope, sorry never found a solution. We ended up not using a floating panel in the end.

    Given the experience now, I would certainly use a separate panel (not embedded in the viewport) and position...
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    I think I figured out most of my problems, so I thought I'll post my lessons-learnd here real quick.

    Basically I gave up on trying to have the sencha cmd compile the real index.html.erb...
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    I am trying to migrate from the Sencha SDK to the new Sencha Cmd 3 and I am having some trouble. Is there a good how-to, how to set up a the Sencha Ext Cmd for a Rails application?

    I got...
  4. Thanks for the answer.

    So in the jsfiddle example the "help/float" panel is set to floatable true and that works well when opening it with a click on the header bar .. it is only when trying to...
  5. Sorry for the late reply .. it is my first day back on the project after the holidays.

    So what I am aiming for is the behaviour of the panel when you click the header bar (on the right side)....
  6. Hi,

    I am trying to add a floating help section to the website I am working on right now. The idea was to use a floating panel, that would float in above the main content of the website, thus not...
  7. Hi evant,

    thanks for the hint .. that was really simple. A bit embarrassed not having found it myself actually :-)

    The additional floatable: false was what really did the trick for me, because...
  8. Nobody an idea where to look for the collapsed bar thing?

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    yeah I know, ExtJS is not necessarily the perfect tool to develop mobile web apps, but anyways.

    On my website I have a combobox with a remotely queried typeahead selection. Now on the...
  10. Hi,

    there is probably a dead simple solution to this, but I just can't seem to find it.

    I have a panel, which is collapsible. Now I want to allow the user to click anywhere on the title bar...
  11. Cool .. thanks that did the job.

    Thanks for the help.

  12. Just an empty response or does it need to say something specific?
    The server now returns a 200 OK, which in itself seems good to me.

  13. Hi,

    I am using a REST proxy for my Ext store which seems to work well.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    requires: 'ExtApp.model.Set',
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    I experienced a similar behavior where the overItemCls configuration is ignored. The deprecated overCls works fine, but gives the deprecation warning.

  15. argh .. sorry .. getRange() very different from getCount() ..

    That, of course, absolutely makes sense ..

  16. Thanks for the answer, I think I'll try something along those lines ..

    I thought the getAt() function should be avoided in loops, which is why one should use the each() construct, which is why I...
  17. Hi,

    I have a sorted store and would like to loop over said store in the reverse direction. Is there a function/option-to-each to do that?
    I would like to avoid resorting the store in the...
  18. Hi,

    I am running into a similar problem (actually trying to collapse to the bottom, collapses the panel to the top) and just wanted to know if anybody had found a good work-around or temporary...
  19. Hey thanks for the reply .. I was a bit reluctant to change the layout of the main page to incorporate the help panel, but thinking about it again, that is probably the better choice here.

  20. Hi,

    the website I am working on currently uses to display for example help texts. I would like the User to be able to basically launch this Ext.window into a separate browser window...
  21. Hi,

    sorry for the late reply and again thank you very much for your help. I never got the problem actually fixed, but thought I'll share my "solution" anyways.

    I couldn't quickly compile a...
  22. Hi Skirtel,

    thanks for the reply. The "website" I try to include is essentially a single canvas element with a bunch of js files.

    From an iframe, can I still access the parent Ext objects? ...
  23. Hi Guys,

    I working on a new project involving a ruby on rails server with an ExtJS frontend. I am currently trying to add an additional panel to the view (which is basically an independent HTML...
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