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  1. Sencha Support Team,Is there a timeline/ plan to fix this issue? I believe you acknowledged this as a bug and it's being tracked under TOUCH-4918An early response will be appreciated.
  2. @Lou - I submitted it earlier today. Do I need to do anything else or just wait for further communication from BlackBerry?

    Thanks for all your guidance so far.

  3. Lou,

    Thanks for your reply. My vendor registration got approved today and I've submitted the app in Draft state. Should I wait for the next steps from BlackBerry or just go ahead and submit it for...
  4. Hi,

    I created an individual vendor account for BlackBerry App World and then sent my valid ID proof to the mentioned RIM email address for vendor verification.

    Can anyone (who's been through...
  5. Where/ how do I sign up for this?
  6. Replies
    I'm in the same boat as jattardi - solo developer from my company. Pondering whether I should go solo or would it be better to team up with some like-minded developers?

  7. Since we may have a sizeable number of folks from Salesforce dev community (currently counting me, Josh Birk, Samantha Ready, David Schach) and hopefully lots of others, it would be cool to have an...
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