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    Do not take me wrong on the needed functionality.
    I'll bring it down to the essense.

    Say I have a database, with any number of tables used in another project so all the model and stores...
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    I'm happy to see Sencha Architect but:

    I'm developing something large and my back-end generates models, stores and views for all my database tables. At the moment I have 83 tables and the...
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    you are right on that, but not completely
    ../'directory with spaces'/bin will work too..
    will make things more complex though

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    It turns out rsync is finding chat.xds and project.xds in my $HOME where it is executed. so the *.xds makes rsync behave different if there are project files in the home directory of the developer in...
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    I know if you could put single quotes around the source and dest directories, it would work with spaces in the path, that is normal behavior.

    I just do not understand where the chat.xds and...
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    It is even more weird.

    there are no chat.xds and project.xds at all in that directory, in fact I do not recall a project "chat"

    If i cut and past the full path of and start it at from...
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    Architect build 410, on OS X lion (latest updates)

    When I press the deploy button rsync fails due to a missing --exclude before project.xds.

    if I copy the rsync and run it in a terminal,...
  8. What I want to do is something like I'll write up later on. It will not be usable code at all. I will use it to demonstrate what I would like to achieve, one way or another. After that I will share...
  9. dedoz,

    I wrote a lengty reply yesterday but the forums (even though autosave sort of works) kicked me out.

    First of all I am not sure where you did get the info on PM associations. Even the...
  10. I posted this in the hope that I would get some sort of response from Sencha.
    Looking at the fact that this post is viewed a lot of times and that polymorphic table inheritance is a solution for...
  11. Hi!

    When digging into ExtJS 4.1 B2 sources to see how I should get some stuff working I discovered a reference to polymorphic model inheritance. in some developer comments.

    Within my project I...
  12. Cool, Nice to hear something is coming up.

    I am working on something that needs to edit python code on a webpage.
    I might be interested in helping out and or do some testing pm me if needed.
  13. I'm interested in this but the project has been stale for 9 months.
    and I'm not sure to use it or not.

    (Besides that I I have trouble getting it working.)
    I want to use it in production, all...
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    Again; associations and the use of them in components are NOT documented at all.
    Now that 4.1 has a hasOne it is clear that the associations have been implemented without thinking.

    next to...
  15. Hi,

    I'm running into something which not covered by the very sparse Assosiations part of Ext.Data.Model.

    Let me explain with an simple example:

    In my back-end:

    (Very simplified...
  16. Hi,

    I am playing with the desktop example and I am trying to implement the prevention of navigating away from the "page" contaning the desktop. It should do so silently.

    Where should I make...
  17. I poked around with Ext.require too and suddenly I never saw this behavior again.

    Due to me having a fairly complex Application setup, I found the location of Ext.require to be Important. I guess...
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    +1, need more control over the parameters send

    annoying stuff...

    You could set pageSize to 99999999 or so....

  19. I have a similar problem,

    When I draw a tab, I do not know what data there is for this customer...

    So I need to query the database first, wait for the result and add formpanels. I have a...
  20. I have the same issue here.

    When I have a formPanel and load it with a, the dirtychange event is fired.

    I want to make a configured and hidden tbar visible when the user edits...
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    Your example is not really what I mean, let me clarify

    FYI. I use python with sqlalchemy on my back-end, no framework all scratch build . I Used mod_python in the past and are now using mod_wsgi...
  22. Thanks but not much of a help,

    I can still not figure out what type : 'direct' really means. seems incapable of full CRUD and keeps moaning about directFN and I need to...
  23. Hi

    I have a model:

    Ext.define('Affiliation.model.FaxNumber', {
    extend : '',
    idProperty : 'Id',
    {name : 'Id', type: 'int'},
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    Some of the trouble I've found:

    Ext.Data.* + Direct is a total nightmare.

    modelinstance.load('123',... load [undefined]

    with direct proxyconfigs to stores are not configured correctly...
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    I had a bit of an Email conversation with Ted Driscoll just before the weekend. He responded to a message I wrote in contact form on the Sencha Web site.

    I stated that I was very unhappy...
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