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  1. @msinn

    Jep, that's a known limitation. I've used html2canvas ( for rendering the ScreenShots. Html2canvas currently doesn't support SVG graphics, but feel...
  2. @joe87


    And it works in every browser, so that's after that for you as developer is very easy to reproduce every issue. And it's offering...
  3. short notice (haven't much time lately), I updated PDF.js to latest commit and Sencha Touch to 2.2.1

    greetings André
  4. See this post above:
  5. That´s a good question. We are updating a bigger application right now. I dont have a simple test case. We are removing and adding a lot of stores dynamically. Maybe this happens if no store is...
  6. Sencha tries to get "length" of undefined groups in Ext.Dataview.List

    if (grouped && me.groups.length && me.getPinHeaders()) {
  7. I´ve seen this a lot times. I think it´s a Android and not a Sencha related bug. Open or star a ticket in the Android issue list.
  8. You should create a complete example showing the failure by using or so. Than we can try to fix it.You code looks ok. Maybe too much panels inside panels and missing...
  9. Because new Date() accepts milliseconds as parameter. :D Ah, ok, got it (milliseconds since 1970's).

    But returning milliseconds isn´t very "comfortable". Would be nice, if Ext.Date.getElapsed()...
  10. Ext.Date.getElapsed() returns wrong Date/Milliseconds


    var date1 = Ext.Date.parse('1981-07-30', 'Y-m-d');
    var date2 = Ext.Date.parse('2001-07-30', 'Y-m-d');

    var elapsed =...
  11. Is there any way we ( can test this improvement?
  12. Sounds great, can't wait to test this fix. My team leader isn't very amazed with the scroll performance and I can't tell him how to do it better. ;o)
  13. One more,

    the Kitchen Sink "User Interface > List" demo is really unusable on a new ZTE Atlas W with Android 2.3.5 installed. If you´re lucky, the Scroll Indicator will apear. Nothing more happens...
  14. Thx! It´s a little bit better, but still sluggish. Should be a lot smoother. FPS are now by 20 to 30 while scrolling slow. (before they where below 10)
  15. This seems to be an issue with the Scroller in general, not only with scrolling lists.
  16. Same issue here on Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1.1

    If you scroll slowly, CPU usage goes to maximum and FPS drop below 10. :( If you scroll quick, it works very well. But slow (how most people...
  17. ok ;) I think we don´t need more html5 vs. native talks ;)
  18. Here´s Mark Zuckerbergs full quote:

    [Source: ]
  19. Hi,

    is there any way to get the Eclipse Plugin as stand-alone?

    And another question, I would try to port this Plugin to Microsofts WebMatrix II IDE (
  20. This issue will be fixed with PhoneGap 2.1.0

    greetings Sunny
  21. If I add some hidden Panels to a TabPanel and try to "show()" them later on, they don´t get visible:

    var panel = Ext.create('', {
  22. This Test Case will fail in PhoneGap/Cordova:


    <meta charset="utf-8">

    var src = '<!DOCTYPE HTML><html><head><meta...
  23. Seems like PhoneGap/Cordova can´t handle "data" URL´s. :( These are required by Mozilla´s PDF.JS to render a PDF page (injecting fonts into canvas).

    Does anyone know a work around? :-/
  24. A small update on PhoneGap/Cordova Support

    The bundled PDF get´s loaded by now, but it seems to get messed up by converting the DataURL (base64 encoded) to an ByteArray (data stream). I have to...
  25. Ok, I should get it working in Cordova. But don't have time to look at it this week. Maybe next WE.

    A alternative could be using an iFrame container. Maybe porting Ext 4 "Managed iFrame" extension...
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