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  1. Hi Rhoover,

    As I learned from several posts here, Routes & History work only on hosted apps, functionality does not work in native build app. If you have other information or experience, I am sure...
  2. Can someone from the Sencha Touch team help me out?
    Will Sencha Native Build ever support custom back button behavior? This will be an important issue for us (and many other users) in deciding to...
  3. Packaging Android works fine, packaging iOS does generate a .App directory but ends up with error 33.

    >sencha package build packager-ios.json
    [INFO] The application was successfully packaged...
  4. Same here, how to fix this issue for buttons with iconMask?
  5. Any news on this bug?
  6. This also happens on Android 4.0.3

  7. Hi Mitchell,

    I am just experimenting with the list example which is included in the Sencha Touch 2 distribution (examples/list).

    The project I need this for will have a store like this:
  8. My data contains lots of duplicates on some fileds, now if I only want to show unique records in a list, how can I do that in Sencha Touch 2? See data example below, I just want a category list with...
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    Not a bug, the list component needs a height to display, so give the list component itself a height or add a layout type to the container.

    xtype: 'container',docked: 'left',

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