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    FileDownload support is scheduled for a later Ext-GWT release, 1.1 i think, it is mentioned in the release plan, have a look.

    In the meantime it works using the plain approach with a GWT...
  2. No, 1.0-beta2 , Ext-GWT
  3. Executing FormPanel.remove(myComboBox) removes only the combo field, but not the belonging label field.
  4. In case this is design bug with Ext-GWT model objects I am posting an isolated description here.

    Given the following two simple model objects

    class ModelA extends BaseModel {
  5. Hi,

    Yes it works when I inherit from Record, which is basically is just a decorator for a BaseModel anyway, with some transactional facilities needed in a Store.
    But I don't like to make my...
  6. Thanks a lot for the hints. I will try your suggestions.

    I was actually using a List, but I could always use a map because even if I don't have a key I can just use a counter...

  7. - The attached code works fine. (The service code is not included, it just returns a list of the shown User objects)

    - If I change the model objects User and Role to inherit from BaseModel the...
  8. Did you take a look at the 1.0 explorer sample code?

    WidgetContainer is simply called Container in 1.0
  9. Works ok! Thank you.
  10. Hello Darrel,

    I just tried the beta2. The problem still remains:

    - removeAll doesn't remove any items
    - rendering a ComboBox without first setting the store throws an exception

  11. oops, sorry. You must use FormPanel.setHeading()
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    You can put any object in Registry, it's just a Map<String,Object>.
    But the method ultimately calls Util.Format which relies on {} placeholders to format the string. Try this,

  13. If you just need one instructional label you can always use the title text.... FormPanel.setTitle() ?

    Until now FormPanel can only host widgets that are subclasses of Field, which supports...
  14. The formpanel uses a AnchorLayout by default, not a flowpanel. Changing its layout will probably not work very well.

    If you need to add buffer between the FormPanel's boundary and its child...
  15. The example code below illustrates some problems with the ComboBox:
    When the combox is created its Store must have at least one item, otherwise the Combo wont display anything, even if the store is...
  16. Hi,

    The following self-contained example code shows that panels that are added to a container which has a TableLayout are not layed out properly.
    The left and right contentpanel in the code...
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    Sounds good Darrel, thanks!

    Now I only need to convince purchasing department in our enterprise to speed up purchasing Ext-GWT support, so I can get access to SVN trunk again....
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    I think it would be useful to have the following methods on model objects:

    setSilent(boolean) (or deactivateListeners)

    There are...
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