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  1. Ok I tried it and it works well for me too. I have modified the onResize a little as below

    onResize: function(w, h) {, w, h);...
  2. Thanks a ton. I will try this. I also noticed the issue with the trigger.
  3. Ok I got the fix if you extend the combo. Add this to the initComponent

    this.on('render', function() {
    this.wrap.setWidth = this.wrap.setWidth.createInterceptor(...
  4. Did you ever find a solution to this issue. I have also tried Animal's container toolbar and that has the same issues too.
  5. Try this,
    panel.getLayout().renderItem(new Ext.Panel()) instead of panel.add() for column layouts.
  6. 1. That is because the code does not look for whether the panel height is reduced or not. Just call the maximize before this is rendered. (I will see if I get some time to put a check for that.)
  7. Sorry. This plugin is for Ext 2.0.
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    Wow great work. I was looking for something similar to this myself.
  9. Yes. It does.
  10. I think I agree. I will change the post to FlashPanel after I do a couple of changes. I want the addition to access the _root of the flash object.
  11. Wow.... That is great. I will play with this sometime today.
  12. I have to test this out... but wow... This is very similar to what I had in mind. I may still want to have a container (so that I can load what ever I want there, like say a remote component or...
  13. [quote=galdaka;99556]Hi,

    Good work!!

    In this example:

    title: 'Performance',
    layout: 'fit',
  14. Forget that I have now added 2 more lines to the code above that to take a fresh copy of the array. Now you will need to do nothing to your code. Just copy the lates (I have edited the code on the...
  15. This is the issue: You are using an external tools array for the use across all the portlets. when the first tools plugin is initiated for the first container, it adds the tool to the container. I...
  16. What do you have in your tools ? Do you have a tool with the id maximize in it ? Good point though I did not test it with any additional tools but if you look at my screen shots I did have multiple...
  17. I will try to get to host it some where for people to see.
  18. I was trying to use the fusioncharts in my application. So I decided why not create a plugin so that I can use it as a flash panel. Here is the code for the plugin:

    Ext.ux.FlashPlugin =...
  19. Sorry I don't but I will add a couple of screen shots to the post.
  20. I was needing a way to expand the view of a panel when the user wanted to see more. There is always the way of resizable but, when I had the portal layout, this was even more imperative. After some...
  21. I have tried this on IE. The only reason this may not take effect on IE is the way IE loads its css. By default this will load the css at the end. This may be the case for you. You may want to put a...
  22. I just developed a new ThemeChanger Extension. it extends Ext.form.ComboBox. I was useful to me. I am sharing this if it is of any use to others.

    Here is a sample code to use this There are other...
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    This was certainly useful.
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