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  1. I also wondered about what happened to the grouping feature since Ext 4.

    That's the fix I used so long:

    * @class Ext.override.grid.feature.Grouping
    * @override...
  2. Hi,

    just wondered why my Controller does not react to

    'tip': {
    'show': this.onTipShow
  3. Any news regarding this?
    Just want to make sure this problem doesn't move down the forum into oblivion...

    Is there still some information required?

  4. Hello Mitchell,

    thanks for your interest!

    We've IE11 on a WIN8.1 x64 machine.

    But it's also the same problem if we change the version emulation in the developer tools to IE8/9/10 - all in...
  5. Hi,

    I've got a strange bug in IE for which I don't have an explanation.

    Please open the following fiddle in IE:

    The problem is with a button handler...
  6. Hello guys,

    I got some improvements for the German locale that I want to share and wish to come into the framework.

    // BugFixes
    Ext.define('', {
  7. Replies
    Hey guys,

    the problem still persists.

    I got an updated override since the old one didn't fix it completely.

    Ext4.define('Ext.override.AbstractComponent', {
  8. [4.2.x]

    Hey guys,

    is there any reason why has such a strict implementation?

    create: function(association){
  9. Hey guys,

    I ran into the same problem. Here's how I fixed this.

    Ext.define('Ext.override.form.FieldContainer', {
    override: 'Ext.form.FieldContainer',
    * @inheritdoc
  10. That's a statement I cannot fully agree with.

    We got the following override:

    Ext.define('', {
    override: '',

    * @inheritdoc
  12. Hey guys,

    just a minor bug, nothing critical.

    The nextCls property in Ext.picker.Date has a wrong value set.

    Ext.define('Ext.override.picker.Date', {
    override: 'Ext.picker.Date',...
  13. Hey guys,

    creating instances with 'xclass' is great. All the more I wondered why it does not work with ComponentManger.

    I think it will be especially useful here due to the lazy instantiation...
  14. Replies
    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the scss was wrong indeed.
    Here's an updated version of the plugin approach. As said, we only use this one and it served us well.


    * @class...
  15. It does! It passes the id of the record to the specified proxy. All other things (the loading itself) is done by the proxy.

    That's wrong, IMO. It depends on the proxy of your model.

  16. Hello guys,

    I don't think it is a bug.

    IMO, the model's idProperty has nothing to do with the params sent to the server in a load (or whatever) request, but with the records property that...
  17. Hey guys,

    with ExtJS 4.2.0 it was possible to use the "icon" and the "iconCls" properties on tree nodes in parallel. It worked because the icon property is set as the img[src] attribute. Since...
  18. This is marked as [OPEN] here. But you're right, it is mentioned fixed in the 2.3.0 beta3 release notes.
    Anyway, I recognized this issue in 2.3.1, the latest version available.
    Apart from it, the...
  19. hello @jweber.

    As I mentioned, if you first show a MessageBox (that has a toolbar with ui:'dark') and then create a TabPanel with ui:'light', it has no effect to the tabbar. Since tabbar inherits...
  20. [2.3.1]


    the culprit is the following method in Ext.Component:

    updateUi: function(newUi, oldUi) {
    var baseCls = this.getBaseCls(),
    element = this.element,
  21. Hmm, looks like this override got into 2.3.1. That's nice.

    But I've got a problem with this.

    Cannot call method 'removeCls' of null

    in method doSetDisabled of Ext.Button.

    The problem...
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    ... if you add a Plugin via addPlugin in initComponent and there are already plugins available, then it gets initialized twice.

    According to the code below:

  23. Hello Gary,

    there's no special test case needed. Just open one of your examples.

    The problem is with IE8 and deactivated ActiveX Plugins.
    So run IE8 or IE with simulated IE8 mode (document...
  24. Hello guys,

    i'll post again in Bugs, since it doesn't get attention in Q&A.

    There's an issue in Ext.dom.Query in IE8.
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    Hey folks,

    since there's often asked about some color picker component, I decided to share what I've done some time ago.

    The color class itself and the components can deal with alpha...
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