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  1. Hi guys,

    I run my own web agency in York, UK and heard about Sencha a couple of months ago from a colleague. After around 5-6 weeks of learning Sencha Touch (with a lot of help from the forums)...
  2. This is happening in my app too. Really frustrating - would appreciate any help anyone can give here.
  3. I'm running 1.01a and this is still occurring. I tried the fix in the first post of this thread to no avail.

    If anyone is still encountering this, here's some workaround code that I used to fix it...
  4. mnjacobs: Would you care to share your code here? I too am loading a LOT of data into a NestedList from a huge JSON file.
  5. I believe this may well be a bug.
  6. I'm finding this also. Any ideas?
  7. I'm also very keen to hear a response to this. Branden did you work it out?
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    For those still having problems syncing a Store with localstorage. I managed to fix the above

    Ext.regModel('CategoriesSearch', {
    fields: [
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    Hi, I'd also appreciate if someone could correct my code below, or give a full example of how to synchronise a Store/TreeStore with localstorage. I've checked through the forums for hours and come...
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    mnjacobs: did you ever write this? If so do you fancy sharing your code? I've started writing it and coming up against a stumbling block accessing subStore items. Pretty sure I'll work it out but if...
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