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  1. I am pretty sure any pattern will work as well, although I do normally use generic routing for everything but the root route.

    Any additional parameters are shoved into 'rest' as a string, so I...
  2. The format '?foo=value1&bar=value2' is a standard clean url and is far more reliable, tolerant to changes, and more flexible than a full path like /value1/value2. Especially when you get to...
  3. I can't say what the purpose is, but probably mostly to be simpler and more integrated with the basic 'app' model they have.

    You can get the '&foo=bar' part to come through the Router into the...
  4. Since 1.0RC1, forms do not call success or failure at all.

    The code:

    callback : function(options, success, response) {

  5. Note that '1.0.0' still has this error in it. I will open up a new issue based on the version available today.

    I agree with the workaround -- that is what my change in the code has.
  6. The problem seems to be a bad case of shadowing. For 1.0rc1 someone changed 'O' (the submit options) to 'options', which is the callback's 'options' argument.

    The 0.99 code is:

  7. I agree it appears to be fixed. Thanks.
  8. I am using some jQuery components/capabilities with Sencha (produces a really nice result... will demo some time), but 0.98 seems to be killing some 'click' events I need.

    The example is about...
  9. Model::validate creates an object of '', but that class doesn't exist in the distribution or the online documentation.
  10. Hitting the 'return' key while in a 'textarea' puts a return character into the textarea (seems right) but also closes the keyboard so you can't keep typing. If you submit or tap back into the field...
  11. At first test, it seems like 0.97 fixed Bug-408 (thank you), but now some of my textarea fields can't be clicked on in non-iOS browsers (Safari, Chrome). It temporarily gets focus, but immediately...
  12. Opening a new thread since the other is marked fixed and the problem has reappeared in 0.96

    Run the "Forms" demo on an iPhone or iPad, and you have to tap a field twice to focus it.
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    Hi Evan,

    I don't want it to grow-shrink vertically. The 300 is right for that. But it isn't growing-shrinking horizontally, which it should. A page reload gives the right result, but not...
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    Still having a number of layout issues. A very simple one is below:
    * How do I get the inner green div to grow/shrink when the window changes size? Red grows, but an inner 'x-panel-body' has a...
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    Also, as soon as I stack two buttons, the container seems to have lost the natural height / width. Modifying your third example slightly, the first vbox now has a width way beyond the size of the...
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    Thank you Evan. Those are good examples for reference.

    It seems like most of the problem was coming from the defaults. If there is a default flex of 1, is it possible somehow to turn it back to...
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    I am trying to get more control of Touch layouts, and can't seem to do so easily. The main issues:
    * Hard to control flex when composing panels
    * Hard to make things fixed size (say a top...
  18. I believe there is a typo in the code below. 'zindex' should be 'zIndex' to match the later usage in the method.


    wipe: new Ext.Anim({
    before: function(el) {
  19. I am trying to build a UI 'from spec' and one of the common components in it is a field item that is choosing between two (maybe three) items. A segmented button is perfect for the widget, but it...
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    Isn't this just a general 'innerText' issue independent of SenchaTouch:

    It looks like '.update' works just...
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    I don't think those association files are there. The only file in my 0.96 download in src/data is Connection.js
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