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    Did you find a solution. I'm also looking for same thing.
  2. Hello,

    For the object hierarchy:

    Toolbar |
    ---> ButtonGroup A
    ---> ButtonGroup B ---> ButtonGroup C ---> Button B
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    This seems great. Thank you khebs for sharing. To test it quickly I used ykey's sample code.

    Just to inform: In IE 9 the unselected tabs appear blue whereas they are white in other browsers.
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    That would be good.
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    Edit: Original message deleted.

    @jsakalos: Great plugin. Thank you for sharing. I've made some additions, and want to share here. I hope it wasn't discussed...
  6. @Animal: Thank you for your response. Can you please give a code example for how to bubble the invalid event. Even a small example such as an alert() will be appreciated.

    And just to hear your...
  7. Hello,

    I'm new to Ext JS. I use Ext JS 3.1. I searched forum, read how-to's but couldn't solve my problem. Also I tried to convert several examples of apply and prototype.

    I need to call a...
  8. Very nice, thank you for sharing.
  9. Hello,

    In last version (15/01/2010 Part 2), when superboxselect is disabled via initial configuration, whole form disappears.


  10. Below is a simplified form code for testing purposes:

    There are 2 fields: legalname (textfield), target (superboxselect)
    When you push save button form will post with PUT method to...
  11. Another related issue:
    When control is initialized as empty and posted, no parameter is included. However when an item is added and deleted then a parameter is included in post with an empty value....
  12. Below is a suggestion to prevent sending values when disabled. (Changes are in red)

    CAVEAT: This only works when disabled via initial config. I'm not experienced in Ext JS. I think someone will...
  13. Thx, great plugin. Nice and detailed control. One small issue to consider and I'll be very appreciated if it is addressed, because it prevents me to use in my project.

    Control posts its values...
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