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  1. I have managed to fix this issue by modifying following lines:

    el = Ext.DomHelper.append(el,{tag:'div',style:'display: inline;white-space:nowrap;position:absolute'},true);

  2. Hi,

    I am able to reproduce this in the example you attached.
    If you add this line in the html, you can see this behavior (i.e. paging bar appear under root group in IE7)

  3. Hi,

    We were using scriptTagProxy to load the form in ext2.2 but recently we have moved to ext3.0RC1.1, to more specific to svn revision 3790.

    We are firing the scriptTagProxy call like this.....
  4. Hi xiexueze,

    i am facing one issue in IE6. I tried resolving it but couldn't do that.
    Although I am not able to reproduce this on the example you have attached.
    Following is snapshot when I...
  5. Thanks xiexueze,

    One more thing now we need to hover the mouse over the node only then toolbar appears.
    Previously even if hover the mouse anywhere in area by the side of node then also toolbar...
  6. Replies

    Do you know if any therad having compatible plugin for extjs3.0 RC1 release?
  7. xiexueze,

    Thanks! I wish I could find that thread which could saved my effort . I tried with your new files as well but with this one does not remove the paging toolbar after taking out the...
  8. I am able to integrate it to ext3.0RC1.
    but I am facing issue with reload of tree. After some update i want to relaod the tree but call itself does not fire, which used to fire with normal treeLoader
  9. Today I moved to latest3.0 release. There example posted is throwing exception:

    this.field is null.

    did u encountered same issue?
  10. Hi,

    Ext.ux.ValidationStatus plugin used to work prior to release extJS3.0 with status bar.
    As In extJs3.0 status bar is no longer supported. So can somehow I get it working with new release?
  11. Superduke,
    I solved that issue by modifying pagingTreeLoader.js and passing pagingToolbar from treePanel itself. I will try your option as well..your's one is easy enough...
  12. Thanks SuperDuke,

    Your example is working fine. But when I tried to get it work in my scenario it is not working. I tried to modify your html only to mimic my scenario.Please refer the attached...
  13. Actually I am using tree inside a complex layout. So it won't be easy for you to debug through that. I will try to mimic the same in a prototype and let u know. In the mean time if you have any...
  14. Do we need to override the treemouseOverPlugin provided by Animal. I saw that it is already included in the main PagingTreeLoader.js
  15. Going through that function does not hide the toolbar as those conditions are not met.
    Please refer the snapshot
  16. Following is the snapshot from firebug which says that mouseover event is fired.
    I am also not getting any resources not fround exception
  17. I tried using this plugin but I am not getting any pagination buttons (next,previous etc.) although I am able to get the desired number of nodes. I am assuming that by the side of node to expand...
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