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  1. We check for any android 4.x and above, since it may happen on some other devices (in future) as well. That also enable us to ignore some minor style defects on other browsers, we just make sure that...
  2. Well not really. The thing we did is that at app launch we check the browser's user agent, and if it is android without chrome, then we show pop-up message, where we suggest user to download chrome...
  3. Unfortunately, window.scrollTo(0,1); does not have any effect. Neither does apple meta tags. Well the web app opens in fullscreen anyway but when you scroll something(lists) the addressbar and...
  4. Thanks for the idea. I believe that would solve the problem, but my app is meant to be web-based, not "native". And that is practically the same thing as using other browser (Chrome).

    I wonder if...
  5. Hi,

    The built-in browser on Galaxy S5 has annoying feature of popping up toolbar and address bar if you scroll to the end of the page or if you are scrolling up.

    On normal web page this may be...
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    if you are building css files from scss, make sure, that your "config.rb" has correct path to sdk folder. Note that now "sdk" folder is renamed to "touch", so you may have to fix that. Then compile...
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    I have about 52 views on web app that loads in about 5s on phone without HTML5 cache. I can give you few tips:

    when navigating the app try to load every view dynamically and destroy views that...
  8. I have the same problem. Has anyone found a solution/workaround yet?
  9. I think it's chrome and CSS...

    I have same problem since I've upgraded Chrome. Same thing with titles in title bar.
    You can decrease padding in CSS style .x-title .x-innerhtml:

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    I found a solution... It doesn't look nice, but it worked...

    'Ext': 'touch/src',
    'Ext.ModelManager': 'touch/src/data/ModelManager.js',

    I guess I did it the...
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    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the "loader.setPath" tip. But now I got new error:

    [Ext.Loader] Failed loading 'touch/src/ModelManager.js'

    any idea why?
    I have manually upgraded my web app by...
  12. got it working!

    just add to PATH location of JavaRE bin.

    for example:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin
  13. same thing here... :(
  14. Can you provide an example how you load your list and itemtap listener?
  15. if you are using list without a store try (re)loading data like this:

    if (myList.getStore() != null)
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    If you use microloader, then make sure that you put localization script (for example "locale/ext-lang-si.js") into your app.json like this:

    "js": [
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    I was searching for that topic (for SENCHA TOUCH 2) on the internets for hours without any luck.. I wondered how to apply the JS file found in /src/locale/ to the sencha app, but whatever I...
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