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  1. I think he's referring to picking a date that falls outside of the current Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time). CEST is Central European Summer Time. CET is Central European Time. Same as picking a...
  2. Hi Pierpaolo,

    Thanks for the update. I guess I need to do a little more research/work on the problem.

    Can you post what your regional machine/browser settings are? What is your current...
  3. Hi Pierpaolo,

    I don't think the proposed patch of converting the values to UTC is the answer.

    I'm guessing you're pulling the date from a database, so I have a hunch the root of the problem...
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    Hi dotnetCarpenter,

    Along with the issue pointed out by mystix, there is another [potential] issue I would like to point out.

    Your browsers current TimeZone is GMT+0100, although when I run...
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