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  1. Hi,

    it is working if i pack the app-all.js manually on Android 4. However, there are some display issues on Android 4 that will be hopefully fixed with the final version.
  2. Hi,

    try this:

    var list = myView.getComponent('myList');
  3. I cannot open the example application (without any modifications) in a browser by using the sencha-touch-debug.js. I always get these 404 errors.

    The jsb file is build without any problems but I...
  4. I get the four 404 errors before I'm using the SDK tools. After using the sdk tools i get much more 404 errors...
  6. I get the 404 errors by using the cocktails example...
  7. Hi,

    I’m trying to use the Sencha SDK Tools 2 by following the guide at

    The first problem...
  8. Any hint or idea would be great ;)
  9. Hi,

    maybe just a copy & paste error, but here

    console.log(id_ .replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, "")); //removing white spaces
  10. Hi,

    the SDK tools are not working for me :/ I always only get an empty app.jsb3 file without any error messages :(

    I'm trying to create the app.jsb3 file like this:

    sencha create jsb -a...
  11. I could only find the mac os version. Is there any windows or linux version available?
  12. My application needs some device capabilities like nfc and camera, so i have to use phonegap :/
  13. Log output?

    have you included your app.js to your index.html. Furthermore i recommend to use phonegap 1.2
  14. any ideas or hints? Is this a sencha touch or phonegap issue?

    ok... The problem is that the controller files cannot be found but I dont know why, because on android 2.3 they will be found :(
  15. use phonegap
  16. Tell me how I can debug this?

    You can easily reproduce this issue by using any sencha example (I have it tested with the kiva example) and phonegap 1.2

    Create a new Android project and try to...
  17. Hi,

    my app is properly working on Android 2.3.x but not on Android 4. The problem is that every controller throws an

    Unknown chromium error: -6

    and I dont why this happens and how I can...
  18. You're right. It way my fault. I only updated the .js file but forgot to update the .css file too :( Im sorry
  19. {
    xtype: 'formpanel',
    id: 'editprofileform',
    flex: 1,
    scrollable: false,
    items: [
  20. Hi,

    a textfield with option readOnly set to true can still be deleted by clicking the "x" below the input field.
    Bug or feature?
  21. Hi,

    If I'm using a selectfield in a form panel and run it on an Android device the whole application crashes as soon I'm opening the select field. The select will be displayed including the "done"...
  22. Replies

    do you see the logging output?
    Maybe you have to enable the loader.
    Here is my app.js

    function mainLaunch(){
    Ext.Loader.setConfig({ enabled: true });
  23.'ppo' + defaultCcId).addCls('list-default-cc');

    is not throwing an error but it is not adding the 'list-default-cc' class :(

    edit: sry... it is working now with the code...
  24. Yes, default element is the proper HTML Element:

    <td width="12%" rowspan="2" id="ppo27"></td>
  25. Hi,

    I want to define a prompt input but I dont get the result of the input field. It always returns null.

    Ext.Msg.prompt('Name', 'Please enter your name:', function(buttonId, text) {...
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