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    My problem is that my application will be used offline and the pdf files will be stored locally.
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    Hi everyone,

    I have tried the solution of putting the pdf inside an image tag but on my ipad it only displays the first page of the pdf document.
    Do I need to add something in order to scroll...
  3. I have a store in a list and if I remove one of the item, when refreshing my page, all the items have been removed.

    Here is my model:

    idProperty: 'id',
  4. It works!!

    Thank you for your help
  5. Hi everyone,

    I have a list with rows in which I display a 'delete' button when the swipe event is fired.

    Here is my template:

    itemTpl: {name} <div id="btn{id}"...
  6. this thread is old but just in case... use 'checkchange'
    But this event is to use in the treepanel.

    Hope it helped someone :>
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