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    What would be the best way to make "unlimited" charts in ExtJS 4?

    With unlimited, I mean that the data is stored server-side. The client requests only the current time range (or some range around...
  2. Thank for pointing me in the right way, I'll take a look at those examples.
  3. I have added a Combobox sourced from a JSONStore to my layout, and provided a 'tpl' (XTemplate) to render the options with icons and special style based on multiple fields.

    This works great when...
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    That'd be great buz!
    Highcharts is so much more flexible than the ExtJS built-in Chart support, and that it doesn't require Flash is also a pre.
  5. This theme looks awesome!
    The business themes are useful, but also boring, some more playful themes for ExtJS such as this one are very appreciated :)

    BTW: why no screenshots for the other...
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    Thanks for the great plugin, this was exactly what I was looking for.

    I got it working with HighCharts 2.0.5 using the changes mentioned in posts #195 and #198.
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