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  1. The problem is the files were under source control so when they were copied to the build folder they were all copied with the same read-only attribute. The build failed as it couldn't write to the...
  2. I've made the change to logger, deleted the old build folder and still get the same error.

    This is a subset of app.json with the change

    * Build options
    "buildOptions": {...
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    I'd prefer a sausage roll with dead horse*

    * slang for sauce
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    It was only made available to paid up support subscribers. Free loaders are left with the version.
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    The default option if mode is "background" then a div is rendered but if the mode is anything else then an img tag is rendered.

    The html5 spec has the alt tag as a required attribute.

  6. I've started trying to use the sencha sdk and can't get the most simple of builds running on Windows 7. All I wanted to do was generate the default app and do a build and that throws an error:
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    I want to supply alternate text with an image but the Ext.Img class has no alt config to do this.

    I noticed Ext JS 4.1 has this ability and it would be a useful enhancement for Sencha Touch 2.
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    We encountered a similar problem and add the xtype in the launch method of the profile.

    So the code would be something like

  9. The following code results in the change event firing in 2.0.0 but not in 2.0.1rc

    enabled: true,
    paths: {
    'Ext': '../Content/sencha2.0.1rc1/src'
  10. There's a couple of hard-coded references to the displayfield 'text'. These should be changed to this.getDisplayField().

    var record = store.findRecord('text', itemStringArray[v], 0, true,...
  11. Thanks, that has fixed the problem.
  12. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something fundamentally wrong but I cannot get a selectfield to populate from a store using a MVC styled app.

    This is a simple example to demonstrate...
  13. Hi,

    I'm trying to extend the MultiSelect plugins put together by Mitchell Simoens at

    I'd like a plugin which selects all child list elements when the...
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