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  1. This onEnd works:

    Ext.Viewport.add({xtype: 'myform', showAnimation: {type:'slide', direction: 'left', onEnd: function(){console.log('anim ended')}}});

  2. I used Architect 2.X and did not change anything. Should I?
  3. I used a packet sniffer to sniff what are sent to the server by REST proxy. Create sent PUT, Read sent GET, Update sent PUT, but Delete sent nothing. I just follow the example from document....
  4. Thanks! I will try it when I back office:)

    However, how to set the method to POST? WIll store.load({mehtod: 'POST'}) do?
  5. Nevermind now. I think the <div> positioning and floating inside template ruined the layout.
  6. By code I can write Ext.Ajax.request with method set to POST and params set to anything.

    How could I do it in a Store's AjaxProxy inside Architect 2.x please?
  7. Everything goes smoothly on PC.

    When view Ext.dataview.List on iPhone, item contents were word-wrapped due to small screen size. However, the rows (the row lines) were not expanded to enclose the...
  8. Thanks for your help! Unfortunately it didn't work (:|

    Ext.ComponentQuery.query() could find the tab, but it does not have setTitle nor setbadgeText functions.

    If assigning the Title and...
  9. I will try to do it with html table, with each cell an ID, then use renderTo(). Worth a try.
  10. NestedList, when being created an instance, will start loading from TreeStore even the TreeStore has autoLoad = false.

    Is there a property to 'shut' this feature down, or is it a bug? Thanks!
  11. I have a container, say X, as one of the items in a Tab Panel with Tab Bar.

    Under Architect I could see X has extended properties like iconCls, badgeText etc. However, I could not set the...
  12. Replies
    I suppose radiofield is "either...or" by default, i.e. only one and at least one is checked. But my radio group can be clicked the last checked one to unchecked. Is there a property I missed?
  13. Interesting.

    The setValues() was fast, but the display was slow. It only happens when scrollable: false. When I removed the scrollable config, it displayed quickly again. But this did not affect...
  14. Would like to know if it is normal or not.

    Due to some reason, I set layout 'vbox' to a Form Panel and 'flex' each fieldsets. It seems to work normally until I found that both setValues() and...
  15. Do you mean to use element IDs in table cells then use component's renderTo() method?
  16. I saw someone created CTemplate for ExtJS

    If I passed, for example:

    {cell1: Ext.create(Ext.Button,{text:'hiya'})}

    into a (X)template for 'cell1' field, it showed [object object] only.
  17. Just did a number of tests and found that numberfield generates HTML5 number field which does automatically support thousands separators, which are not included when submit.

    It all works for iPad,...
  18. Thanks for reply.

    But I mean for ST2 numberfield, how to display thousand separator when lost focus, of course no separator when got focus.
  19. How to display thousand separator in numberfield please?
  20. They are not Sencha Touch buttons, indeed they are <div>s

    I tried

    <div class="btn" style="margin:10px;padding:5px;background:yellow" onclick="console.log(\'clicked\')">

    for 'html' of...
  21. Thanks!

    I have 14 buttons (DOM elements ) which needed to be later added tap listener? How could I accomplish this? Use ComponentQuery to collect all elements and then bind with on() ?

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.0 commercial
    Browser versions tested against:

    Safari 5.1.4 on Windows
    Safari on iOS 5.0.1 (iPad2 & iPhone4s)
    DOCTYPE tested...
  23. Thanks!

    Does it mean I cannot create Universal app for this case? Do I have to create two separate app for iPhone and iPad?

    BTW, can SDK generate ipa file? Or I have to manually do it?
  24. 1. Even I set DeviceType to iPad or Universal, the IOSSimulator always starts in iPhone mode

    2. My Sencha Touch 2 App is Universal (by device profiles), it supports Landscape for iPad and Portrait...
  25. Did that. Also tried Painted event. Both could not prevent the Body listener from getting the tap event which triggered the floating panel. Just wonder is there anyway to forbid the tap event to...
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