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  1. I am confused, what's the different between them?

    per the source code of 4.2.0, I can not find a single read access of config 'children'

  2. 4.1.1
  3. in 4.2 the removeAll function's implementation changed, it expects childNodes always is defined which is not true if when Ext.tree.Panel.initComponent try to create a default root node with a config...
  4. This is not the answer I am looking for. Maybe the original title cause confusing here. I want to apply customized css class not disable it
  5. I was trying to disable mouse over effect on column head, the first thought was using 'overCls'. But it does not work. When look into the generated dom and css class, I found my customized 'overCls'...
  6. this bug has huge performance impact on tree panel, any plan to apply the fix to evaluation version (currently it is 4.1.1a)?
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