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  1. Ahh...I see.

    Cool...that is more elegant.

  2. Ok....then how do I set it to false in the 'change' function?
  3. Heh....that goes back to my original question. How do I access things like 'config' attributes, inside a function? Simply calling show() and hide() is pretty straight forward.

    Accessing the config...
  4. Ohhh.....I see what you did. You defined the textfield first, then applied a listener function to hide it - I guess onLoad. Then, you showed it once the 'value' is verified to be what I am looking...
  5. But how do I then access the 'xtype: textfield'?

    As do I add that to the selectfields retroactively?

    Are there docs for listeners somewhere I can read up - other than the limited API...
  6. What would something like that look like?

    All the examples I see in the kitchen sink and other example apps, they have regular JS in the listener function.

    How do I add a 'textfield' inside a...
  7. Basically, say I have something like this:

    xtype: 'selectfield',
    name: 'VictimLocation',
    placeHolder: 'Location of Victim',
    options: [{
    text: 'Scene1',
  8. So I just realized that you have to click/drag in order for the scrolling to work.

    Is that normal? Seems like the scrolling functionality is broken - but that may just be the way ST2 handles...
  9. I reset my machine, and even tested it in Safari and it still doesn't work.

    So not sure what's happening here.
  10. I am using Chrome on OS X....and I can't scroll through them.

    I was trying that link in Safari, but it seems the '#' is breaking the link.

    Whenever I paste the link into Safari, I get:...
  11. Yep....doesn't work for me....see here:

    Does that work for you?
  12. This is my code:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.Skidmark', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
    xtype: 'skidmark',
    config: {
    scrollable: {
    direction: 'vertical',
  13. For what it is worth, the for loop didn't work here.

    i.e. all of this..did NOT work - for whatever reason... 'fields.length' kept returning '0':

    var fields = form.query('numberfields'),
  14. Still no dice.

    I simplified the code to be:

    handler: function(btn) {
    var values = form.getValues();
  15. This is my code snippet:

    handler: function() {
    var fields = form.query('numberfields'),
    f = 0,
    fNum =...
  16. What does that mean? How do I go about resolving the form?

    I know, I saw it...but was wondering if the single errant ';' at the beginning of the for loop, could be causing the error.
  17. By the way, your for loop seems to be missing an initial parameter.

    You wrote:

    for (; f < fNum; f++) {

    Should that be:
  18. I get:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: form is not defined

    For the line:

  19. Say I have a form like this:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.Skidmark', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.FormPanel',
    xtype: 'skidmark',
    config: {
    items: [{
    xtype: 'fieldset',
  20. Thanks for this Jamie...will test it out in a bit and let you know how it works out for this particular issue.
  21. By the way Jamie, thank you VERY much for being so patient and working through this issue with me.

    This has stumped me for the last few days at least and I been feeling completely 'out of water'.
  22. Ahh...ok.....sorry, I glanced over that snippet. It looked similar :|

    So now it doesn't throw the previous error, but the ToolbarGlobal error as you said.

    Without me specifying the other files...
  23. You are right about the GlobalToolbar...but we couldn't get that working - for whatever reason. Haven't tackled it properly yet though.

    As for the handler function, here is what I have:

  24. Sure:


    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>My App</title>
  25. Ok I did that, i.e. I took the definition for 'Ext.define('MyApp.view.NewIncident') out of the NewIncident.js file and put it in my app.js before Ext.application.

    Now, the app loads, but it still...
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