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  1. This would be the whole Code of my Piechart:

    Ext.define("APP.view.Pie", { xtype: 'pie',
    extend: 'Ext.chart.Chart',
    config: {
    store: "YearStore",
    shadow: true,
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    is it possible to change the list to a tabpanel menu, that would be nice tried but nothing worked any ideas?
  3. thx that no one helped me out, here i got the solution:

    red one is not supported, so leave it out!

    renderer: function(val, store) {
    var store = Ext.getStore('Storename');
    var index =...
  4. {"items":[{"year":2004,"C0":28.3,"C1":15.7,"C2":25}
    I want it like that:
    labels on piechart: C1: 15,7% C2: 25% ...


    PS: another topic: how long does it take to activate the...
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    hope this will be fixed soon!
  6. Hello guys,

    i want to add to the label of the pie chart the data value.

    i found this codesnippet from (

    onReady: function() { var chart =...
  7. Please close this thread. Found another way!
  8. I get: touch-charts.js:10125
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'ui' of undefined

    I wanted to integrate the PieChart into a container why this does not work easily? or pls have you got some...
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