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  1. I open links in the native browser with Cordova using the following listener code added in my view definition:
    listeners: [ {
    element: 'element',
  2. Actually, my comment didn't actually fix it. Something happens when I use weinre to inspect the document that causes the error to not happen.
  3. I finally found the solution to this. In order to diagnose the behavior, I set up weinre and looked at the elements as they were rendered in the app.

    Although I had placed a meta viewport tag at...
  4. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.1.1
    Touch 2.2.0
    Touch 2.2.1
    Touch 2.3.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Android web view (Android 4.3.3)
  5. Thanks for the attempt, but it didn't work for me. I was excited for a moment, since this particular app is still on 2.1 (haven't been able to easily migrate it to 2.3 yet)
  6. Question: How can I resize a container in a way that iOS won't mess up the content?

    I've created a split window that allows the user to resize two panes as needed. I've included the...
  7. I have a scrollable view that can contain an image or a video. if the user taps in the white space and drags, the view scrolls correctly. If the user taps on the video or the image however, the...
  8. I randomly changed the class name of the controller

    Check your controllers in the app.js. Make sure that you have (at least)

    controllers: [
  9. The issue is with your controller. Try the syntax below. The control section takes the reference that you set up in the refs section and binds the disclose event from the reference to a hander...
  10. So my question remains: In this example, how can I keep the drag bar within the confines of the main window between the header and footer?
  11. I don't know exactly why, but this seems to do what I want:

    Ext.define('TouchApp.view.Main', {
    extend: 'Ext.Container',
    xtype: 'main',
    config: {
  12. I'm trying to set up a view that has two containers that total 100% of the available vertical space, but also have a splitter that allows the user to slide between all of one to all of the other and...
  13. Looking at the errors contained in the CSS made me realize that the build I had of 2.2 was broken somehow. I downloaded a new commercial build to replace the old 2.2 commercial build and the styles...
  14. I'm trying to upgrade my app from Touch 2.1.1 to Touch 2.2. Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of a project and I don't have the time to completely recreate all the SASS/CSS from scratch.

    Am I...
  15. This says that it was fixed in Touch 2.1.1, but I'm running 2.1.1 and I see that the icon is just a gray square. I searched the release-notes.html in the 2.1.1 and 2.2 downloads, and I don't see the...
  16. Make sure that you're using the show and hide methods instead of using the setHidden method. setHidden seems to skip the animations.
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    You can animate the showing and hiding of a panel in your app by placing the showAnimation and hideAnimation configs on your panel.

    id: 'controlPanel',
  18. I have a UI with what amounts to a split view. I'd like to give users the option to show/hide the left master panel and have the right detail panel expand to fill the screen.

    Currently I have...
  19. Thanks - that one was driving me crazy.
  20. I assume that the correct response should be to recompile the sencha js excluding charts if I'm not using it, but unfortunately any call to sencha command line results in an error with the new sdk
  21. I attempted to upgrade to 2.1. I removed the sdk folder from my project and moved in the 2.1 sdk, but I'm getting errors because the chart folder is empty and it's still referencing...
  22. I ended up having to refer to controls using the following syntax.'#groupName').getValue().el.dom.value,


  23. I have a dataview with an itemtemplate. A small snippet is below

    ' <tpl if="values.allowSuggestions">',
    ' <div class="label">Allow Suggestions? <input type="checkbox"...
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    I can understand the need for simple, self-contained examples if they underscore the design elements of Sencha. I think they have a place, but I haven't seen a real-world example where a model is...
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    Does anyone have a pointer to a real-world data example with Sencha? I've looked through documentation and blog and forum posts, but I keep seeing examples that seem somewhat contrived and trivial....
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