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    Thanks for suggestion. But I've tried it and application still is not loaded from cache. The ?dc_ parameter is sent anyway.
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    Here is the example of production app loading:

    You can see that app.json is only loaded from cache *(from cache)*
    app.js and ElectoralGroups-all.css - these files was generated by sencha...
  3. Maybe problem is in
    ?_dc=1401292920937 part in request.

    Why Ext.Loader adds this part in production application? Anyone knows how to config app.json to force
    Ext.Loader.disableCache: false ?
  4. Yes. I have tried this solution today. I've added paths to the GlobalVoterGroups. Application config. So this class from another page instantiated successfully. But, when I had added such classes to...
  5. The problem was solved when I updated to ExtJs 5.0.1. Thanks for reply
  6. Hi. How can I use classes ( views , models, controllers and stores ) from one application into another in common workspace? Is there any way exist to do this but not through common code directory?
  7. Hi. I've tried to make a grid with a couple of buttons in top and bottom panels. And I found that icons are not showing in the "ext-theme-crisp" and in the "ext-theme-gray". When I switch theme to...
  8. Oh, thank you! You put me back on the ground :))....
  9. I am trying to require classes of my application using

    I specified pathes before requiring:

  10. Hi. I want to generate base 'template' ( directories structure, index.html, app.js .... ) of Ext application. What command line tool can do this and with what command? I saw commands that provided...
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