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  1. Here is how I do it.

    1) create a function on SELECT event
    a new function will be created
    onGridpanelSelect: function(selModel, record, index, options) {

    2) Add this code to function created....
  2. This is such a simple change for Senca to make in Architect. Just allow users to type in a vtype name in addition to selecting from the drop-down list. Having to code a before-render event just to...
  3. Not 100% sure what you are saying.
    Ie subscribe to the element-level event and fire another, component-level event

    It sounds like you want my custom listener to just fire an event that is...
  4. I find that I have needed to add a Custom Listener Event abstractcomponent.getEl().on('click', function() { ...}
    to the onRender event of IMAGE component several time. IMAGE does not have a CLICK...
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    I have had this error a few times, some things to check
    1) Check each controller to make sure it has a VIEW defined.
    2) Check that you have checked INITIAL VIEW on one of your views.
    3) Make sure...
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    I am sorry if you misunderstood my reply.
    Architect is used to create both EXTJS and TOUCH applications. Both of which can be developed using almost any text editor. Architect just provides a Visual...
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    You do not need to buy EXTJS or TOUCH to build applications (See license for details). You do need to buy Architect if you want a visual app builder using Touch or Extjs past 30 days. You do not need...
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    If using Chrome, press F12 to bring up tools window and click on console tab. Refresh you browser and see if you have an error messages. Sounds like you have an error in your code.
  9. Had the same issue and here is what solved it for me.

    1) Add or update a CSS file for your project
    2) Add the following body style to your CSS file

    body {
    width: 1000px;
    render: 0...
  10. Been working in Touch now need to build in EXTJS. Created new EXTJS 4.1 application and wanted to create some common functions available to all controllers. So I defined a function under application...
  11. It would be nice to be able to define a Store or Model to a Ext.formPanel so that the NAME property could be a drop down list of Store/Model field names. Would save a lot of time.
  12. Still an Issue in latest build 588
  13. I know it's not a big issue, but really no reply at all?
  14. Good point. HTML will treat multiple spaces as a single space. I have to think about if there is a situation where it is not desired.

    By the way users "bbrookfield" & "" are one...
  15. OK,

    Attached is zip of a simple project that loses the groupField after save.
    add the groupfield F2 then save and exit. Then load again and groupField is gone

    I created a Sencha touch 2...
  16. I have a similar issue where if I try and position the cursor at some point in the middle to end of a line of code. The cursor will not work. I get around this by positioning the cursor at the start...
  17. Any help anyone???
  18. Found a few Component Items that I have to change after I deploy since there appears to be no way to set them in Architect 2.

    1) Image component (Cannot set MODE: property I use mode: 'image' in...
  19. I am using a NaviationView and wanted to know how I can intercept the back event and abort it. I have a form that a user fills in. If they click the back button on the Navigation View I want to...
  20. Here are some Ideas for Demos that would help new users.

    1) PACKAGING. To create a NATIVE android application I would love to see a FULL example of what the PACKAGE settings need to be. Take the...
  21. Wanted to share and get feedback. Could not find a way to set the default date to show on a Date Picker field as today's date until I came up with this.

    Create new PAINTED event on Picker or...
  22. I also have the same issue. Works great in Emulator and also BlueStacks, but not a phone or tablet with ICS. Same type of error. Cannot locate files under APP folder. Did confirm Build.

    FOUND THE...
  23. To access a function defined in a controller'MyController').MyFunction(parms);
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