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    Thank you for your answer, I have changed a part of my code and it is working better, it seems that two stores had the same model and one was not up to date.

    Thank you for your help
  2. In fact I am using the table just to display some values, so the cells are declared "editable : false", I can't edit any cell but if you double click on the cells they are becoming white as if they...
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    I am using that good grid (thank you Mitchell Simoens) but I have three issues with it :

    - How to put the last element added on the top of the grid and not at the queue that we need to...
  4. I use the Ext.ux.touch.grid provided by Mitchell Simoens, it is a very good grid but when you double click on a cell, it become white as if it was editable but in the setup of the cells, I have put...
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    Sometimes I have this message in the error console of Safari when I save or erase an object in a store :


    After that problem, I can't reload the application, I have to clear all website...
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