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  1. Can someone please confirm whether this works with Sencha CMD 5.1.x and provide the steps please.
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    +1 for Strategies and Best Practices for Large apps.

    One more topic I would like to discuss is modular apps & pluggable apps.
  3. Hi,
    I am new to ExtJs and we recently started using ExtJs 4. I would like to know how are you developing sencha based application.

    Are you using SENCHA ARCHITECT for application development. If...
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    Is webSocket Proxy targeted for EXTJS 4.2?
  5. Can someone please reply to this thread.
  6. Hi,
    I have created an custom UI component similar to below
    @include extjs-button-ui(
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    I have already tried all the possible layout options.
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    I have a html page with div .
    I would like my grid panel to render inside this div taking full height and width of the div (100%).
    I tried various layouts but still the grid do not take 100% of the...
  9. Thanks.
    I followed the steps to generate images using slice tool.
    How do I make css use the images generated by slice tool.

    Even if i specify the attribute using $relative-image-path-for-uis...
  10. The issue is due to custom theme we are using. We did not generate the css file again after moving to 4.1. Will try again after generating the css file.
  11. If the html page contains following data type grid is not shown properly
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">

    If few of the columns in the...
  12. Thanks for the quick reply.
    Actually the issue was store had buffered attribute as true but pageSize was not specified. This creates problem only if grid is used inside window panel.
    If buffered...
  13. If datagrid is useddirectly in browser window the grid data is shown properly.
    But if grid is rendered inside Ext.window.Window, grid data is not shown. Only header is seen.
    This was working fine...
  14. We are using infinite grid using the example given in sencha 4.0.7. The infinite grid works fine for the first time loading.

    We have a filter box at the top of the grid. The data should be...
  15. Hi
    We are facing issue in launching ext js window using EXTJS 4.0.7. Below is the code that we use to launch the window. The code works fine with 4.0.6

    var editWindow =...
  16. If we add buttons to window, the javscript breaks at
    childMargins = child.margins; parallelMargins = childMargins[me.parallelBefore] + childMargins[me.parallelAfter];

  17. Can we convert an existing form field to sencha form field similar to JQuery?
    For example
    <input type="text" id="spinnerconfig" value="0" />
    <script type="text/javascript">...
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