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    Never mind, I figured it out. Had to specify a config object for the layout instead of putting the align option in the panel definition.
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    I have a panel with a vbox layout that is a child of a tab panel. Here is the declaration:

    new Ext.Panel({
    closable: true,
    autoDestroy: false,
    title: 'Competitors',
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    layoutConfig: {
    columns: 5,
    tableAttrs: {
    style: {
    //width: '45%',
    borderCollapse: 'separate',
    borderSpacing: '9px 0px'
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    I know this isn't exactly an issue with Ext, but I'm wondering if anyone here has run into the same problem. When using a spotlight in IE8, rather than graying out the background, it completely...
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    1) Please put your code in tags so it formats nicely.
    2) I'm not an expert on paging toolbars, but I think this line is causing the problem:

  6. Again, try without lazy instantiation:

    myButtonGroupExternalSales = new Ext.ButtonGroup({
    title: 'External sales',
    columns: 1,
    autoHeight: true,
  7. Thought so. :)

    If you want to use lazy instantiation, you could always get around that by moving the load function into an Ext.onReady() call.
  8. Yes, but is your SalesStore loaded before the buttons are defined? Keep in mind, the ExternalSalesStoreLoaded function is called as soon as the store loads. It doesn't matter where the code is...
  9. Is it appended BEFORE you try to add things to it? That's what would be necessary. With lazy instantiation, it's just an object until Ext does something with it.
  10. I just noticed... you're using lazy instantiation but since the button group isn't inside an Ext container, it never initializes. Try this instead:

    var myButtonGroupExternalSales = new...
  11. Sorry, now you've got 3 people shouting answers at you. ;)

    You CAN use applyTo if you only ever need 1 of the window object. closeAction must be 'hide' in this case and you MUST use the same...
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    Mycoding, you say it's happening before the other code. But remember that Ext.onReady is called AFTER all of your JavaScript is loaded. So it's important you show us where you define ApiPanel and...
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    You'll have to store a reference somewhere. There are a lot of options for that. Keep in mind, when you were creating more than 1 window, how was it going to know which one to hide anyway?

  14. So I figured out part of it. Because the viewConfig has forceFit enabled, the last column automatically sets itself to the available width. The problem is that the content of our last column is...
  15. In what scope is "var myButtonGroupExternalSales" defined? Try removing the var, which should define it globally, and see if you still get the problem.

    P.S. Defining globally is not necessarily a...
  16. I ran your code. With it as is, I do not see the behavior you describe. I changed the closeAction to 'hide' and I was able to see it.

    The problem is that when you click close, it hides the window...
  17. A few problems:

    1) Try instead of In the example, 'this' refers to the button that was clicked. In your code, it's a reference to the function object you're calling it...
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    You cannot create multiple DOM objects with the same ID. You have multiple places where you create "new CadastroObjEstrategico();"

    Line 95:

  19. ExtJS runs in JavaScript, which is local to the browser tab. Any solution will have to involve your back-end code (cookies, session flags, etc)
  20. I have a GridPanel inside a TabPanel. Neither have autoHeight or autoWidth set. I have tried setting autoScroll on one, then the other, then both, but I cannot get a horizontal scrollbar to appear....
  21. Hello,

    I have a GridPanel that is listing up to 100 records and I have a separate panel that has a graphical representation of those records. When a user clicks on a node in the graphical panel, I...
  22. In the event that the grid hasn't been created/rendered yet, you might want to add an if statement to mschwartz's suggestion:

    var grid = Ext.getCmp(idOfGrid);
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    Is there any good documentation on the Ext.ux.GMapPanel class? The examples I've found are useful, but without an API, it's hard to know exactly what config variables I have available. I am aware of...
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    The keydown or keyup events might be more accurate if you don't want the user to have to click/tab out of the field before the button becomes active. And you will need to add the event to both fields...
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