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  1. the keyboard hiding is an android only bug. I'm using the defaultKickerConfig everytime i create a selectfield, simply because i have to translate them all. So all my selectfield creations look like...
  2. Hi,

    when defining a defaultPhonePickerConfig or a defaultTabletPickerConfig, the selectfield does no longer work on android or chrome.
    The picker does show up, but when a value is selected and...
  3. This is still a problem with version 2.0.1
  4. Still an issue for 2.0.1. Is there a known workaround? i tried the events show and focus, but both dont fire when the selectfield is activated. I need it to hide the keyboard when using android...
  5. is there any workaround planned? Because if not, i will have to redesign my application not to use the tabbar, which is going to be quite hard.
  6. Hi, i'm trying to execute some custom code when the pullrefresh list plugin is used.
    I couldn't find out how. There seems to be no event when the pullrefresh is activated or anything else i could...
  7. Hello, i have some problems when using sencha touch 2 with an native android 3 application.

    First, the pictograms don't work in the tabpanel. They work in android 2, ios, webbrowsers etc.
  8. Sorry, i might have been unclear.
    I need a read only text field. From what i can see, that does not work with the "text" field.
    I also could not find a "display" field, could you point me to its...
  9. I have a problem. I want to create a simple List with read only values. The problem is, the values don't show up when i'm using Ext.field.Field. What is strange, the labels die show up. Neither...
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    I'm confused, i develop with sencha-touch-all-debug.js, should i stop using this? if yes, why is it included in the beta release?
  11. I have a toolbar where i handle the back button and a logout button myself. The layout is completely broken (the back button while on the left, is stuck to the top and not centered, the logout button...
  12. My list should show some text if the store it displays is empty. This worked in PR3 and PR4, but not anymore with b1.
    I simply define the empty text in the list:

    emptyText: "<div...
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    Same here.
  14. In the end i just changed the sencha touch javascript file, was quicker than figuring out how to override the function of an existing class.
  15. Ext.override seems to be deprecated and Ext.define should be used. I'm struggling with how that exactly works, currently i came up with this (not working):

  16. Special thanks for this fix including the workaround :) Really increased the trust i have in sencha touch :) good job!
  17. This is great :) thank you very very much :)
  18. Thank you for your fast answer. Do you need a simple testcase to reproduce? This bug is very important for my application, so anything i can do to help speed up the bugfix i would be happy to do.
  19. This worked in PR3. When i load a store that uses a JSONP proxy that points to a non working url, this exception is thrown:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getJsonP' of undefined

  20. When using the ajax proxy, the pageParam, startParam and limitParam variables are ignored when set to undefined. The default value is used anyway in the request.

    The example code shows this. This...
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