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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am using 4.0.7. ...

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am using 4.0.7.

    Does the MVC framework require that i do a certain level of memory management myself? You mentioned this may be the result of abusing the library......
  2. Slow memory leak when reloading store through ajax proxy?

    Hey guys,
    i have several views, containing grid panels, which are launched in the "center" region when a left nav bar button is clicked. Said navigation/rendering between/of the views seems to...
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    Has this been ported to ExtJS 4 ?

    Im working within an ExtJS 4 MVC acrhitecture and would like to get this plugin functioning so that i can show a child gridpanel with the expansion of a row.

    I added:
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    this.getRowClass.createDelegate is not a function

    Where is this function defined? Or is it part of a superclass?

    This line breaks my code everytime i try to incorporate the PanelRowExpander plugin

    Any ideas? I have included the constructor...
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    Id this thread still active? (Row Expander extension question)

    Hi all, i had a question regarding the plugin above in the context of the ExtJS MVC acrhitecture. I want the rowExpander to inject a grid panel, as opposed to just changing the styling and using...
  6. double event fired....Solution found

    So heres the solution that i have found. In the application (app.js), the controller list is built dynamically based on the role that is passed in. So far so good. Once the parent controller has...
  7. Yes, console.log statements show up twice as well...

    Yes, console.log statements show up twice as well as the fact that request to the database are made twice.
  8. The controllers are instantiated dynamically...

    The controllers are instantiated dynamically according to role. For the current app, there is only one controller for this role. This is part of the reason i am so confused at this point. Thanks...
  9. Button click event fired twice....why???

    I am working on an application that shows different content based on the users login role (i.e. admin/user/warmonger/etc.) For example, there is a search button which is handled in the init function...
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