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    anaylyze code for memory leaks

    Our team has been building on top of extjs widgets for over 1 1/2 years, and have developed an "eclipse like" application. It runs with a cometd backend, so everyone who is on the same page will see...
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    Thanks. I happened to be working with the new...

    Thanks. I happened to be working with the new TreeGrid, so in my afterRender function, I have:

    scroll: this.removeLocaterArrow

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    onScroll event for TreePanel

    If I have a tree panel that has enough nodes that a scroll bar appears, I would like to call a function if the scroll bar is clicked on or is being dragged up or down. (Either will work, so I just...
  4. I've been working with extjs for a little over a...

    I've been working with extjs for a little over a year now. 85% of the 40 hours a week I work is spent in Extjs, and I do have to say that there is so much information that getting started is...
  5. I'm reading through the source code for...

    I'm reading through the source code for Component, Container and Panel, and this is what I'm finding...
    When you set a "renderTo", the panel gets an attribute called this.container, which is the Ext...
  6. width adjusts automatically, height doesn't

    Ok, I've been working with a little bit, and I notice that if I leave the width attribute undefined, the panel will automatically adjust to the width, even when the page is resized. This is not due...
  7. Render a panel to a large table cell... monitor resize of table cell

    This may be simple, but I seem to hit a few snags... Here is what I need to do.

    I have just a standard html page who's layout is a table with relative width and height of 100%, and each row and...
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    I have noticed that the horizontal scroll doesn't...

    I have noticed that the horizontal scroll doesn't work until there are actually rows of data. It appears the width of the row of data actually makes the parent panel realize it needs a scroll bar,...
  9. tree grid

    I have been working with the Ext.ux.tree.TreeGrid, and I can perhaps lead you in the right direction. The Ext.ux.tree.TreeGrid is designed to use a standard treenode, but the trick is that the...
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    Included in 3.1

    In Extjs 3.1 blog it says:

    The treegrid is not included in the base of the 3.1 download. The example is still being linked to a set of extension (ux) js files. Is this a mistake?

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    Additional features

    I have had some thoughts about the column tree model. My project that I am working on has some pretty advanced requirements, and I think that the tree grid could be somewhat simplified if you were...
  12. solved

    Ok, I found that a text field in standard html implements this feature, and is not part of Extjs.
  13. bump this

    If you notice, in a text field you can hit control z to "undo" text that you have entered. It maintains a history somewhere and a handler, and I don't see it either. Anybody know?
  14. That worked

    That is a great workaround. That solves the issue for now. I wonder if there is a method the HtmlEditor needs to override so the Iframe doesn't get messed up on animation.

    Thanks for the tip.
  15. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.form.HtmlEditor Bug when in collapsable panels

    If you render the HtmlEditor in a panel that can be collapsed, and then you collapse the panel, when the panel is expanded again, the content for the HtmlEditor does not show back up and you can't...
  16. Yes, It is broken

    I have activated this component to listen for changes via http cometd, and I could not use the setValue. I over rode the setValue with the following...

    setValue(newValue) {

    var bd =...
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    Html Editor onBlur event

    I have been worrking with some of the form elements, and I have a requirement that when a user leaves any field that it automatically saves its value via an ajax call to the back end if it is dirty....
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    Maybe you've already eliminated this, but I just...

    Maybe you've already eliminated this, but I just use the buttons attribute of a form panel for my buttons... Ignore the jsp spring tags.

    var intPanel = new Ext.FormPanel({
    labelWidth: 75,...
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    I wondered if that might not work. The short...

    I wondered if that might not work. The short hand usually works in places where the child item type is expected, but I have done some unique things where I had to use the full instantiation. I also...
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    Can we see the whole form code? Also, maybe...

    Can we see the whole form code?

    Also, maybe try creating the buttons first, then use the containers insert method and see if that helps.

    var addbutton = new Ext.Button({
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    I don't know if you are also building the...

    I don't know if you are also building the backend, but your application should be sql injection safe, which means that no text used on input fields is used to build the query on the backend. In java...
  22. Also as a javascript developer, I would not know...

    Also as a javascript developer, I would not know what to do if I was not using firefox WITH firebug installed. You can put break points in your javascript, and inspect every attribute and method...
  23. menu parents

    I ran into this issue as well. My solution is that you have access to the menu parent while you are creating the child, so I make a new custom attribute on the child as I create it, which is a...
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    fire bug errors

    I have noticed in firebug that the error handler doesn't show anything when a javascript exception is thrown, (the code actually catches an exception, but then throws it and it isn't handled). An...
  25. Text Color on a tree node

    This very issue was a pain in my side, and I thought there must be an easier way. I was using Firefox, and found that the text color was actually getting overwritten by this css style in the...
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