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  1. Many thanks

    I have spent at least two days trying to find a way to close my popup window from a bbar CANCEL button. I did try many suggested options like findParentByType, Ext.getCmp('myWindow').close(),...
  2. Many thanks Chriss, I will try it. Ibra :)

    Many thanks Chriss, I will try it.
    Ibra :)
  3. My code: // create namespace...

    My code:
    // create namespace

    myNameSpace.StackedBarChartPanel = Ext.extend

    // {{{
  4. How tu use config with Ext.extend and intcomponent

    Hi All,

    I am new to ExtJs. I have gone through some of the many great and usufull ExtJs tutorial. I have almost completed the 'Application Design' section. I have a problem with the tutorial...
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