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  1. See

    Issue is present in,, and

    Here is a hotfix compatible with all current 6.x framework versions:...
  2. This appears to still be broken in ext- but fixed in ext-
  3. Here is a more practical Fiddle demonstrating the issue, which prevents building overrides that intercept state change handling:

    All versions of ext...
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    Not yet but I may soon. Pull requests welcome! The package could be branched for extjs6 support rather than extended to support new and old with the same code if that's simpler
  5. So is the ruling that this is not a bug and that nested perpendicular scrollers are no longer being supported?
  6. *bump*

    can we tag this one?
  7. See this test case:

    We have a main vertical scroll area with a portion within it that scrolls horizontally. I've used this extensively in the past and it...
  8. Sencha -- any update on this?

    Also, please tag this thread with SDKTOOLS-1212
  9. I've removed the customizations to in favor of making those changes conditionally in build.xml's -before-init target so that the normal compression settings can remain in effect...
  10. I'm using the latest version from

    That source_map_location_mapping option is documented if you run the compiler with --help

    I also...
  11. The jar is included but it is an ancient version from 2012 that might not even support sourcemaps. It's better to download the latest jar and pass in the path to it
  12. Here's my recipe for source maps baked into the CMD workflow:

    Add to app/.sencha/app/


    (Disables CMD compressing...
  13. @Ekambos -- FYI, your project does not appear to have a license attached. Just having the code online doesn't make it open source. I'm not a lawyer, but I believe code in this state is considered...
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    I've found it getting harder and harder to pitch ExtJS solutions to enterprise customers when they already have experience maintaining ExtJS apps -- they know how hard it is to find developers they...
  15. Bumping this thread back to the first page... can we get this tagged as a bug?

    Latest nightly builds are affected too.
  16. I've seen the latest canary builds doing spooky stuff with scrolling. Have you tested on a non-canary chrome?

    I always check bugs in stable chrome first, canary has nice debugging features but as...
  17. A hotfix implementing Skay's suggestion above has been merged into Jarvus' sencha-hotfixes package thanks to @pkornev:...
  18. The IDE plugins and inspector have been a great new direction and the sort of value-added capabilities that I think really help make commercial licensing valuable. I really hope Sencha grows their...
  19. Re: bug fixes, I've been maintaining a package with hotfixes for all the bugs I've encountered for all GPL framework versions:

    There are...
  20. See

    In both ExtJS 6.0.0 and 6.0.1, store.sync() throws an error if trackRemoved is set to false because store.removed gets initialized to null if...
  21. A common use case is that you need to configure some extraParams on the proxy dynamically before the store is loaded for the first time. The initial configuration of the store's proxy might not be...
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    Here's a hotfix for any GPL users that need to read response headers from AJAX calls:
  23. When you call removeAll() on stores in ExtJS 6.0.0 modern, any bound dataview/list/grid won't refresh to reflect the cleared store because the onStoreClear method isn't attached to the store's clear...
  24. Then my team, for one, couldn't use the framework anymore because my company produces both commercial and funded open source software. The investment required to learn, stay on top of, and...
  25. This is becoming effectively very difficult with all available GPL versions crippled by bugs that don't get fixed for GPL users. I have a commercial license but that doesn't help my open source...
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