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  1. I have downloaded new ST2.2 and new Cmd tools, generated app and it doesn't work for me. When I run the page in IE10 I see just blue screen with three white rects. I tried it in windows 8 browser and...
  2. Thank you guys, I'll try new cmd tool today
  3. I tried both. Finally I packed it with phonegap. I didn't find at least one post that describes how to pack app with sencha tool. Seems like nobody had luck with sencha tool
  4. Hey, I'm not working with Sencha Architect, so I can't help with this :(
  5. Hey guys,

    I have troubles with deployment to the iOS device. I have created native package, installed all certificates and so on, but when copying the application to iPhone I am getting error like...
  6. Hey guys, I have updated the existing signature pad plugin written for Sencha Touch 1.
    You can find the source code here and the code for the sample...
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    Hey Guys, I have updated the plugin to work on Sencha Touch 2.
    You can find redesigned plugin and sample here
    You can ask me any questions involved...
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