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  1. Yeah i guess you can, we actually changed the id for all the panel and moved the entire application up:


    config: {
    fullScreen: true,
    itemId: 'mainTabPanel',
  2. So i've found a way around, i know it's dirty, but it worked out for me, in case of Chrome for iOS devices i've used this where "mainTabBar" is the id i assigned to the tabbar in the main view. You...
  3. I'm having the exact same issue on Google Chrome for an iPad Mini, i noticed that the tabbar does show if i change the tabbar position to "top" or "left".

    itemId: 'mainTabPanel',
  4. But how would be the best way to achieve a grid with the Sencha Touch layouts? I need some accomodation of the boxes and there is no "Table" nor "Grid" layout in Touch.
  5. Which is the best way to layout a grid with infinite scroll that should load items dynamically when it scrolls down ? i leave a rough image of what i'm trying to do.. black boxes are the items on a...
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