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  1. @mitchellsimoens

    Has this been resolved?
  2. Has anyone out there took d3js components and rendered them to ExtJS4 -- such as within a viewport? Is such thing possible?
  3. I have a stacked chart. When binding to the 'mousedown' event for the legend clicks, I'd like to know which of the stacked column was filtered out. Is there a way to extract that info...
  4. I would like to adjust the minimum/maximum y-axis boundaries for the chart after the data has been loaded to the store (which is binded to the chart). Is there a way for doing this? I know this can...
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    Think you need to use 'field' instead of 'angleField' instead.
  6. We had requirements to display our charts in intervals of 10, 100, 1000, 10000, etc. dynamically based on the dataset rendered. Here's what I did to calculate the majorTicks and range (min-max)...
  7. Yep. Verfied on v19. Things seem to be working as expected now.
  8. Is there a way to pull actual data (instead of fields) to populate the chart legends? I know you can set custom legend by setting the 'title' field. Is there a way to populate the title field with...
  9. Thank you Asken. Exactly what I needed to solve my issue.
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    I'm also in the same situation. I need to suppress the connecting line whenever the next datapoint is '0'. I'm not sure if current ExtJS4.0.2 version supports this. I've even tried to convert the...
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    Hi, I'm trying to execute the sencha sdk build script on a Jenkins CI server. Is there a way for me to capture the output of the following command:

    sencha build -p app.jsb3 -d .

    If there is...
  12. *knock knock*
  13. Anyone successfully removed an axis from chart before? I have three axis (left, bottom, right). I need to dynamically at run time remove the right axis, if user clicks on some config option. The...
  14. We have a chart where there are three axis to a column chart. Left, bottom, and right. Does anyone know how to properly remove an axis (i.e. the right axis) from a chart?
  15. Is there a way to plot preloaded data in reverse order for the x or y axis for the new Ext4 charts?
  16. kusyn, i'm also stuck trying to figure out how to manually highlight a bar within a bar chart. any luck?
  17. I think you should be putting the Ext.requires within the app.js file.
  18. Within your axis (bottom), try to manually set the "minimum" field to 0. Not sure if this would work since your axis type is Time. If it is Numeric, i know for sure that it will work. You can give it...
  19. Do you mean the y-axis to position to zero? The X-axis just renders the dates.. wouldn't make sense to position date to zero.
  20. Is there a way to force a zero baseline for the y-axis within a column chart? We sometimes have datasets that contain a maximum and a minimum that's negative. Seeing the zero baseline is...
  21. Hi,

    I have chart that renders column and line series. I also have a left y-axis and right y-axis rendering different units of data. There are some situations where I need to hide the right y-axis...
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    Have you tried setting the title of the axis to blank and forcing a redraw of the axis label?
  23. Was there anything else you did for the code above? I'm still getting the surface of undefined error.
  24. Thanks, electronix.

    I'll give your implementation a try.
  25. *knock knock*... Anybody found the solution to this yet? I'm stuck with the same problem.
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