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  1. It works fine if I supply static model. However, I am looking for a dynamic model with number and type of fields defined at runtime.

  2. We are working on an extjs-based xCelerator and have a problem with dynamically reconfiguring a grid when a store is loaded. The headers of the table and the number of rows are correct but the cells...
  3. :D.. I have chrome latest version which is giving me this problem and it is working in Firefox 3.6.3. Forget about IE 6, it is not even loading the home page... getting javascript errors. :)
  4. Thanks Mitchell!

    I am new to ExtJS and this forum so not aware of the custom and usage. I will take care of it

    I will update my code as per your suggestion and let you know how it goes.

  5. Thanks for getting back on this. Here is my code.

    I am working on a faceted search application where I am displaying my results in this grid. Based on search results, I am loading stores from my...
  6. Hi Experts,

    I have a grid panel within a panel and it has a paging toolbar and column header.When it first renders and loads data from store, grid is laid out correctly and have both toolbar and...
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    Can anyone update me if this is still the issue with the current release of Sencha Touch.
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    Some more details:

    I am using sencha-touch-1.0.1 on iPhone3.

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    We have developed a mobile app using Sencha Touch which could be accessed through iPad, iPhone, Galaxy and other hand-held devices. Application is working as expected on other devices, however...
  10. Hi Everyone,

    I am a new user in JS world and my Sencha Touch skills are very limited. I am creating a form, requesting username, password and application url from user. Upon user input, I want to...
  11. It wil be a WSDL.
  12. Thanks Savelee for your response.
    I want to integrate SOA based web services call with complex data model. Is this possible with JSONP. Do we have any other way to handle it using Java code within...
  13. Hi,

    I am new to Sencha Touch and working on a Case management web application using Sencha Touch. I want to know if how we can integrate External Web service with Sencha Touch. If someone worked...
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    Can someone please forward to me.

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