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  1. I did modified the app.js of the module.

    Maybe you can check if the number of Stores in de /store directory
    is the same as the number you declared in the stores: [ ] section.
    This should be...
  2. i had the same problem, some how my store initializing was corrupted.

    When i opened my app.js, in de stores section, there was a unknown store loaded.
    After removing the line everything works...
  3. okay, that makes sense. Thanks for your answer.

    Takes me to the next question about this, is it possible to chop the generated code into small pieces and re-use it in a module class. e.g....
  4. Hi all,

    i've build a nice form (incl. stores/views/controllers) in the Architect 2 editor. I've published it also so that i have a couple of files. app.index, app.js, app folder (resp....
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