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    Please can I expect some help on this, as it is urgent for me.
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    Thanks a lot, hope very soon I'll get some soltion on this.
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    Hi I am using ExtJS 4.1.1 GPL
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    Hi Team,

    I have an chart where the values in X-AXIS are very lengthy so I have used ExtJS mettod Ext.String.ellipsis() to trim the label upto 20 characters long. This is trimming the each label...
  5. Hi Animal,

    Thanks a lot for your help to many people.

    I am also having similar issue. I have a grid panel, it has edit button in each row.
    Onclick of Edit button a form opens having values in...
  6. Please help me if you have any solution that don't allow the user to uncheck all columns.
  7. Kindly let me know, how to solve this issue.
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    I am using a file upload form(ExtJS 4.1.1 gpl) as given at!/example/form/file-upload.html

    But I need to cancel/stop the file upload on click...
  9. Correct. In firefox there is always one unchecked column. In IE if you uncheck fastly then all columns can be unchecked but if you uncheck slowly it is keeping one column as unchecked.
  10. Firfox doesn't allow to remove all columns from a grid panel. But in IE if uncheck fastly, it will allow to uncheck all columns.

    Kindly let me know if some one has any suggestion/solution.
  11. Hi all , I am facing a issue in IE, if I uncheck the column from grid allow to uncheck all columns.
    But in Firefox it keeps at leat one column in grid.

    Please help me to fix this...
  12. Yes Scott tried, all examples. everywhere if there are 2-3 records in store, chart becomes so fatty, width will align left....
  13. I am using Ext JS 4.1
  14. I executed your code in .php file......
    It is giving below greaph....36181
  15. Thanks Scott for your valuable help.....the width is reduced but the bar is aligned in left most that is not matching with X-Axis lables.. see screenshot36139
    Any help will be appreciated
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