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  1. Hi slemmon,

    Building similar to something like Sencha Architect, but the output should be customizable according to my own need.

    Sencha Architect outputs the code as per the dropped components....
  2. Folks,

    Few months back, I had created a drag and drop designer in Flex 3, which would place (drag) all components inside an area and would generate an xml.

    That xml would get all the properties...
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    Link to the document mentioned here ( Inside KeyMap Section -!/guide/keyboard_nav ) that maps which numbers correlate to which keys is dead!
    "404 Not...
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    Could you please post your code snippet ? That will help us better.
  5. Folks,

    I'm a Sencha Premium Member from April 2012 onwards. Recently, I started facing issues with logging into forum website.

    Currently also, whenever I login and post some question or...
  6. Check out
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    I just tried it on normal panel and its working fine as expected.

    Check out this example and run it

    I think, it should work the same way for floating panel...
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    Make sure that you have given searchfield inside pop up an id config of "searchfieldname"

    Then listen for show event like shown below

    listeners : {
    show: function() {
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    Is your "searchfield" inside the pop up ?
  10. I guess you're searching for some sort of Mobile App Usability testing.

    Google it and you'll find lots of sites to test your app!
  11. Yes, very much excited! Looking forward to read it, once published! :)
  12. Why not use then - Ext.SegmentedButton ?!/api/Ext.SegmentedButton
  13. Folks,

    I am trying to load a grid with JsonP proxy as shown in this example.!/example/grid/paging.html

    Below is my code class :-

  14. Thanks for your reply.

    Btw, I already saw that link before. But that didn't help me out.

    Could you run a ExtJS 4.1 Hello World project in Dynamic web project in eclipse by making the same...
  15. @Tbakker -

    That code structure is working fine for me too - but only in normal Eclipse Project.

    But ( as you can see the #1 post image dir structure ) when I try to run it in Dynamic Web...
  16. @TBakker and @Mitch -
    I did include ext-all-dev.js.

    I tried what you said, but no o/p.

    enabled: true
  17. I tried removing both, but it doesn't work. Nothing appears on browser window as well as screen.

    <script type="text/javascript" src="extjs/ext-all.js"/>

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    Explained here :-


    If you want to go for MVC app, Loiane Groner has got it implemented. Check it out here ...
  19. Folks,

    I was trying out sample ExtJS 4.1 app inside dynamic web project in Eclipse.
    Here's my directory structure :-

    web - Folder where all web resources will reside


    Here's my...
  20. Folks,

    I am trying to run my dynamic web project using ExtJS 4.1 as front end and Java at the backend using REST proxy.

    While running only ExtJS is not an issue, I am not able to identify the...
  21. I checked with this simple HTML form POST for that REST url.

    It throws me below error on chrome window

    Type Status report
    message Request method 'POST' not supported
    description The...
  22. Thanks Jay.

    That was helpful.

    But minor problem I am facing is that -

    I can now see the form values being appeared on grid panel. But those values aren't persisted in the database. I can't...
  23. Folks,

    I am trying to bind my model with store using REST proxy as shown here!/api/

    Here's my code inside launch( ) function :-
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    Is this the right way ?

    success: function(response) {
    failure: function(response) {
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    I have a form data to be submitted to the server. I am sending this to server side using REST.
    There's no issue with REST code.

    But I don't know how to send the form record to the...
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