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  1. I have just been debugging a similar problem (background gradient problem in a tab bar.)

    What I have found is: Sencha command generates a set of gradient specifiers for all the different browsers....
  2. Well that seems obvious in hindsight. :-o

  3. Documentation for says:

    This makes good sense. However, as far as I can tell, Architect doesn't let you do that. Any top-level view is automatically listed inside "views"...
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    I am having a similar problem, trying to enter a "listeners" object inside the "editor" object for a booleancolumn in a grid. I set the type to "object", enter it in, and then Architect insists on...
  5. No luck.

    Following specific instructions from a Stack Overflow thread, I tried linking /usr/bin/java to /Library/Internet Plugins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java.

    Now, from the...
  6. Trying to install Cmd on my Mac running 10.8.3. Just installed Java 1.7.0_21, confirmed that it is working. The Cmd installer still complains that there no Java is found on the machine. Any...
  7. Yes, I could do what you're describing, but I was trying to follow a different part of the theming guide, altering my application without changing the theme. I've since been discouraged (by Sencha...
  8. Fantastic, thanks.
  9. I have a workspace for Ext JS 4.2. I have a custom theme in there, in addition to a couple of small test apps.

    Now I want to upgrade to a nightly beta of 4.2.1, to test if a particular bug is...
  10. I'm trying to style a tab bar from within my application. For now, I am doing it globally for all tab bars in my application by setting theme variables. It is not working at all.

    I have put my...
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    This is weird. I can now run Sencha command from Cygwin shell, but I don't know what I did to make it work. Perhaps it always worked, but I was fooled because *gems* won't run from Cygwin.
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    OK, will post back here if I figure anything out.
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    Thanks for your persistence in figuring this out, you just saved me a load of time. I've installed ruby 1.9.3 using rubyinstaller, and now cmd is working properly for me.

    However, I cannot get it...
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    In this case, each iFrame must reload the ext library, right? What impact does this have on browser memory loading?

    We're at the starting point of building a large tab-based app in Ext JS and are...
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