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  1. After many tries I have found this solution with SA.

    -Download CheckColumn.js from Api
    In Sencha Architect
    -Add a simple Ext.grid.column.column

    -in property tdCls add 'grid-cell-checkcolumn'...
  2. Hi
    Actuallly in SA 2.1.0 b640 setting onItemDisclosure with a function doesn't have paramater so how can retrieve data values from item disclosure?
  3. Hi!
    My platform is Windows 7 with SA 2.1.0 build 633.
    Until version 613 i can insert a Container into a Ext.dataView.List

    Now in version 633 can't do this.

    This is the code generated by SA2...
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    Hi all!
    It's possibile to use Ext.ux.touch.grid library in Sencha Architect ?
    I read other posts about override and library import (require) and i have done some tries.
    I tried to...
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    Hi badgerb1!
    Ty for reply :)
    this is the dom of my test app and grid seems to be rendered but is empty
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    Hi i'am tring to use Ext.ux.touch.grid in Architet and after serching and reading other thread i am stuck in this problem:

    Ext.define('FM.view.override.GridDataView', {
    extend :...
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