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  1. finally i got where is my mistake. because of the listeners. when i comment in that line, everything is worked fine. :)):)):))

    anyway, thanks a lot for your solution, exitdissolve. at least, make...
  2. Thanks again exitdissolve :),

    your solution is working for me. but when i click the "Add Employee" button, it's only insert one record to the grid, then i must double click the record to...
  3. Hi,
    I have implemented RowEditing plugins in grid. i have button "Add Employee" in tbar grid. But nothing happen when i click the button. What should i do?

    Here is my code.
  4. Thanks, existdissolve.

    finally i got it.
    my code now like this. and it works perfect.

    var required = '<span style="color:red; font-weight:bold;" data-qtip="Required">*</span>';
  5. yes, myForm is reference to the form panel.

    now my code like this.

    var submitForm = function( btn, e, opts ) {
    var myForm = btn.up( 'window' ).down( 'form' ).getForm().getValues();...
  6. Dear existdissolve,

    i have same problem like oncom has. i just using oncom's code. and i put handler code in my submitForm() method.

    var submitForm = function() {
    var myForm =...
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