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    let's have a look -- images look amazing
    mhubert at
  2. I also like the search in your current accordion -- can't yoiu just give us the whole thing ?

    Thanks B)
  3. there is actually a bug in the code I think?
    after clicking load + meta as well as load + alt meta the page field in the paging toolbar shows NaN. (have not tested in other then IE7)

  4. I just tried the above link but the grid does not work in IE7
  5. very strange:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="report.js"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="grid-examples.css" />
    <div id="example-grid"...
  6. if I change the javascript that fills the panel to point to the report panel
    (panel = Ext.get("report");) it displays without the discribed problem.


  7. I run on a localhost using the wamp server on windows, one can also change the apache config manually if desired to allow post to an .html
    Thanks for trying -- but I don't believe this is it --...
  8. I have a nested layout -- I can probably post a live example sometime tomorrow if needed.

    var reportSearch = new Ext.ContentPanel('report-search', "Search");
    var reportSummary =...
  9. Be it as ugly and buggy as it may -- many use it so if you have an application you need to support it. It is also consistem with the YUI and Ext philosophy of supporting tier1 browsers even if it is...
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    Could you please post an example to ilustrate this technique.

  11. Ok -- thanks that was one thing.

    The second thing that needed changing is the function needs to be applied to the other tree

    myfavreport.on('beforenodedrop', function(e){
    var n =...
  12. /*
    * Ext JS Library 1.0.1
    * Copyright(c) 2006-2007, Ext JS, LLC.
    var TreeTest = function(){
    // shorthand
    var Tree = Ext.tree;
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    var myReader = new{
    record: "row", // The repeated element which contains record information
    totalRecords: "results", // The element which contains the number of...
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    from a functional poiunt of view -- I have to 2nd that. Having the server compensate for browser differences is un-desirable
    I don't have svc access -- but an lightweight html widget is needed.
  15. Any ETA yet?
    How will your arcordion API differ from Jozef's implementation?
    Amazing work -- glad I found EXT :-)
  16. Jozef,

    it was a user error on my part -- thanks for your help -- simply got confused by the same code being in the accordion.html and the accordion.js and the js being the one that needed...
  17. Jozef,

    name is Martin :-)
    not being a total HTML novice I have put a test image in the text <img src='../../resources/images/silk/icons/disk.png'> which shows fine hence my conclusion that is is...
  18. Jozef,

    very nice stuff. I may have found a small bug playing with this

    It looks like relative images have a problem. I moved the images into resources/images/silk/icons/ and they show fine...
  19. Animal -- thanks -- since I am still somewhat new to EXT -- do you have any pointer on where I would start -- are there any examples on how to extend a ext component?
    who would I get at the xml...
  20. reader: new{
    // records will have an "row" tag
    record: 'row',
    totalRecords: 'total'
    }, ['id','carrier','detail'])
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    followed the link -- but could not locate a working demo? Am I missing something?
  22. Looks nice -- very impressive -- are there any plans on adding filter capabilities to the grid?
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