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  1. I am having memory/garbage collection issues with Chrome

    I am working on a photo uploading site which allows my client to drag and drop photos to upload using HTML5 and file API, so this wont work...
  2. I think this should help you out.
    I needed the same exact thing and was able to implement drag and drop between iframes.
    I have a grid in one iframe where you can drag into a div in another iframe....
  3. bump

    I have the same question as this thread:
    but i need all the grid cells in edit mode without have to click on each cell.
  4. 2 questions about the EditorGridPanel

    is it possible to make all the edits show by default?
    like when i open the grid, make all the combo boxes rendered?

    Also how do i not display the...
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    Is there a way to change whether a window is minimizable after it is defined during creation?

    Thanks for your help.
  6. There isnt much code to post. I'm doing an ajax call to get the data again.
    and the only thing I have is what i posted originally

    Ext.grid.ResultData =...
  7. another thing that i thought was weird was i alert the grid.getStore().getCount() before and after I load data and its correctly says 0 and 26 the first time. When i refresh the data, the first...
  8. Yes. i am doing a debug on the JSON string and its definately different.
  9. I am trying to refresh the data on a grid using loadData but it doesnt refresh.

    grid.getStore().loadData(Ext.grid.ResultData, false);

    I've read the documentation and grid FAQ but I...
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    I have a grid panel and several options which allow the user to filter the results in the grid panel.

    if i click on the document type filter and the following code runs and works fine returning 6...
  11. I had to do this myself, so i added 2 new methods

    addRecord: function (newRecord){;

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    Am I taking an entirely wrong approach?
    Is there another way to drag to multiple targets without having to change the ddGroup everytime i mouseOver the target?

    i'm open other approaches.
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    This didn't work.

    if I hardcode the ddGroup to "foo" when initializing the gridPanel, the drag drop works.

    If I set the ddGroup to "foo" using your suggestion, the drag drop doesn't work....
  14. I'm trying to get the Ext object from a mouseover event.

    the MouseOver returns an eventObject, and from that eventObject I need to get the Id of the mouseOvered gridPanel.

    how do I get the id...
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    I have not been able to try out your solution yet.
    grid.getView().dragZone.ddGroup = 'foo';

    I ran into a different issue related to the MouseOver.

    the MouseOver returns an eventObject, and...
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    Is there a way to change a gridPanel's DDgroup once it has been set, like a setDDGroup

    I am doing drag and drop between 1 source grid to N number of target grids.
    I have implemented the 1 source...
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    I am trying to reference a tree node so I can append a node to it.
    Something like Ext.getCmp(id), but the node is not a Component so obviously that won't work.

    Here is what I am doing:

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