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    imo the rules as to what makes a record new or existing should not be hard-coded into the framework.

    isNew() config function perhaps?

    Would you consider putting that in your release notes so...
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    I have boiled it down to the fact that I am adding two objects with the same "unassigned" Id of "0"

    Its zero as it will get assigned an id by the server on update. If I update it to be "null" then...
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    mystore (a store)

    console.log(mystore.getCount()) // == 4
    console.log(mystore.getCount()) // == 4

    No error reported.
  5. Cool. Is there an discernible difference between



  6. Did my own tests, and as expected unless you manage the components you create yourself, they just sit there in ComponentManager. Useful test function in app.js helped me monitor that.

  7. OK, it probably doesn't help that I have ended up using the framework slightly in an odd way. I tend to create components with templates and render other components directly to the childEls in the...
  8. Once i worked out the installation of ruby & compass was mandatory (for windows see:, this has worked for me.
  9. ok so its perms on wwwroot... placing the app elsewhere has at least generated it

    btw any reason for not recommending 4.1.3?
  10. Its 4.1.1a - whats the diff?

    seems I have a prob writing to "targetDir='{'0'}'"


    C:\>sencha -sdk c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ext-4.1.1a generate app MyApp c:\inetpub\wwwroot\myapp
  11. I did mention I'd tried both...and im on 4.1.* - tried 4.0.7 in exasperation, because the docs are cryptic to say the least with regards to tools and versions.

    Whats really required is some decent...
  12. sencha create jsb

    Doesn't exists in Sencha Cmd 3.0.

    For Ext JS 4.1.x what are we supposed to use?

    Using the SDK 2.0 command does not seem to work. (i tried the same simple example app,...
  13. Apparently a default behaviour of the pipeline for multiple requests of the same web session described here......
  14. I have a strange one. I am watching the Net tab in FF as I make some saves in my webpage.

    The save makes 3 PUTs via async (default) ajax.

    The timings are terrible, but there seems to be a...
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    Ext is only javascript after-all, so, just call native:

    window.scrollTo(0, 0);

    That worked for me.

    Ext.getBody().scrollTo('top', 0);
  16. Ah just what I was looking for.

  17. In essence i am having to override the save method of a model, because when using the proxy (via save()), dates are sent in the format MS enjoys when serializing into JSON. (i.e. ticks since 1970),...
  18. All good points and I understand why we are where we are.

    Layouts alone I find tough enough. When you do put enuf grey matter into them and finally work out their intricacies, they work really...
  19. What happened to SoC?

    This is a fantastic framework in every respect bar one.

    Feature request: Abstract.Component: senchaStyling: on/off

    Stuff like this:
    Hard-coded width's in components...
  20. From what you are suggesting you would have to override for every field type?

    Could you not extend formpanel and do something like this in it?

    defaults: {
    labelableRenderTpl: [...
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    No, I don't think so, use the inputAttrTpl config I guess

    a parent (div) wants to call a component that renders an href + a list into itself, after xy element
  23. Well yeah, in my case a parent component
  24. OK but what if i just wanted the text Foo rendering not wrapped in a div?
  25. I am bemused about the assumption that all Components must be wrapped in some tag (autoEl: default div)

    This is screwing up my css. Is there anyway to suppress the autoEl, or is there another base...
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